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Feb 27, 2007 04:42 PM

Dinner near 49th and Madison

Having early dinner with my Dad near 49th and Madison. Looking to try something new. Any suggestions most appreciated.

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  1. Give us a few specifics. Do you want a restaurant that has recently opened, or a place that you have never tried before? If the latter, we would need to know which restaurants in that area you've already been to. Also... What cuisines do you prefer? Do you want casual or fancy? What is your budget?

    1. We want some place with high end creative cooking. We have already been to dbmoderne in the area, aquavit. My dad is more conservative in his tastes (no mexican, indian, or too spicy) and I am a vegetarian, but can usually find something delicious in appetizers, sides, etc. Expensive is okay if it is worth it, but not over the top like Per Se.


      1. Try Bar Americain on 52nd St. between 6th & 7th, owned by the 'creative' Iron Chef Bobby Flay. He serves traditional American food creatively which should suit your Dad. Check out website at

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          i second bar americain. the food is really good and its american with a creative flair!

        2. I'm a big fan of Ocean in that area.

          1. I've had good luck with Cite and Fresco - all in the general area.

            A review of Bar Americain if you're interested: