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Feb 27, 2007 04:40 PM

Anyone been to Hungry Cat lately?

Going to the Hungry Cat this weekend and I noticed their menu has changed since I last went, has anyone been lately and if so, what was good? Has anyone tried the dungeness crab or the barramundi? I also noticed the Lobster Roll is gone and replaced with a lobster b-l-a-t. Any thoughts?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Visited Hungry Cat about a month ago. Started with the Fruit de Mer platter - my favorite was the 2 types oysters (forgot name), but really briny and crisp, from the east coast. Had the Barramundi, the fish itself was kind of unmemorable but I do remember it was a moist white fish. I liked the celeriac puree and chanterelles it came with better. Pug burger actually disappointed. My dinner date and I shared everything and by the time I was done with the barramundi, the bread (like a really hard english muffin) on the burger was kind of hard and stale.

    Cocktails: greyhound proper, perfect sidecar, and gin lizzy. Gin Lizzy is off the menu now but it was the best drink of the night - the muddled tangerines made it sweet, tart and really refreshing.

    1. Had the lobster BLAT during the fundraiser for the farmers a few weeks ago. It was HUGE and delicious--ridiculously good. Have never had a cocktail there that I didn't like, and they now have Crafstman brews on tap too.

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        LOVE the CAT. I ate there last week. Started with a dozen incredibly fresh oysters..stingray, malbec, bluepoint..all were good but the Stingrays were phenomenal and the lobster BLAT & it was DEELISH!!! Also, had what may possibly be the best drink I have ever was a special. Tequila over ice topped with a cheery puree--the glass was rimmed with salt, black pepper, and brown sugar that sent my mouth into sensory overload (in a good way). Maybe I will stop by after work...

        1. Clam Chowder, rich and hearty, thin broth, lots of clams.