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Feb 27, 2007 04:26 PM

Romantic meal for 2 - Focus on STEAK

A buddy of mine wants to take his lady out next month for a romantic dinner date. It's a tradition of theirs to go to Morton's or Ruth Chris, but he's asked me for another recommendation, so of course I've come to you, my friends.

The first places that came to mind for me were ZUNI and House of Prime Rib. But I'm sure there are some other good options in San Francisco.

He's got a pretty good budget (~$200) to work with so I know there are some other great options out there. What say you?

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  1. Zuni doesn't usually have steak and House of Prime Rib never does.

    Alfred's has a romantic atmosphere in a sort of old-school men's club way.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I second Alfred's, having been there several times, and enjoying every visit. The chateaubriand for 2 is a memorable steak: the flavor of nicely aged beef with a wonderful velvety texture. Side dishes are very good, too.

    2. Bob's Steak House in the Omni Hotel - not exactly romantic but the steaks are pretty good.

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      1. re: Dog Lover

        I just went to Bob's on Sunday night to try it out. Probably was just a bad night for them but we had a pretty bad experience. The valets took forever... I must have been sitting in my car for almost 10 mins waiting for them and when they finally got to us, they didn't even apologize for the wait.

        Inside the restaurant, we both ordered starters... he the soup and I the Ceasar salad. My salad was pretty good but nothing super spectacular.

        Then came the steaks (which come with a gigantic glazed carrot and a potato side - which is nice to not have to order seperate sides.) The steaks were alright, but the carrot wasn't good. It was sweet and the glaze got all over my steak and pretty much spoiled the steak for me.

        I got a baked potato with my steak and they come around to each table with condiments for the potato - like sour cream, bacon bits, green onions, and cheese. Although I like that you get to choose what to put in your potato, it was pretty messy and some cheese fell on me. Once again, no apologies.

        But it was our first time there and maybe it was just a bad night. I know I'll be asking for no carrot though if I went again.

        1. re: lamster

          That carrot is one of the worst ideas for a side dish ever. It is one of those dishes that makes me angry enough to write off a restaurant altogether, because Bob's is obvioulsy very proud of that stupid, mushy, way-too-sweet carrot.

          1. re: The Dive

            I agree. The only way I'd go back there is if someone else was picking up the tab. I hate to say this about food that other people might like, but that stupid carrot really spoiled my dinner.

      2. Why don't you advise him to go to Florio on Fillmore and have the steak frittes for two? Great environment and when the steak is good, its very good. Another option would be to go to Absinthe and get their rib eye which is generally good as well. Morton's or Ruth's Chris are real chain-like traditional steak house kind of places. Stay away from Joe Dimaggio's as well unless you prefer the feeling of being in Sacramento and watching some ESPN in the bar before dinner.

        1. Not your traditional steak restaurant at all, but I've had really really good steak at Limon. It can be noisy there downstairs, but it's quieter and more romantic upstairs, so he should request a table up there.

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          1. re: JasmineG

            i've actually heard about this as well. 'best steak ever' is how i heard this explained to me, i doubt i'd stick my head out that far on a limb, but comes from a fairly reputable source.

            1. re: wchane

              I think I described it close to that way after the first time I had it. It's really a very good steak, they cooked it exactly the way I wanted (which is hard to find), and it's amazingly cheap for that good a steak. I was talking about it for days after the first time I was there.

          2. Might just be the Giants fan in me, but I think Acme is romantic.