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Feb 27, 2007 04:23 PM

Charleston on the of two.

My husband and I are going to Charleston for a wedding next weekend and staying for 3 nights. I've been reading reviews and researching places that have been mentioned here but most recommendations are out of our budget. We love to eat good food and are open to any types of cuisine, atmosphere, etc...just want to get a good taste of the city.

I would love to try FIG and Cordavi, but my champagne taste does not suit the beer budget.

On the list so far:
Bowen's Island
Coconut Cake at the Penninsula Grill
Benignets at Joseph's

Any other suggestions? Are we on target so far? Thanks!

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  1. Great Indian buffet at Nirlep
    Fabulous Thai food at Basil

    1. I can't say enough about Boulevard Diner -- it's just over the new bridge in Mt. Pleasant -- here's a review :

      After you cross the bridge into Mt. Pleasant, the BD will be on the right, about 1/2 mile down or so....

      The building looks like an old Dairy Queen or something -- make sure to look at the daily specials -- very tasty scallop salad one time. I try to go there every time I get to Charleston to see family....

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        I will second the Boulevard Diner rec. Their fried green tomatoes, tomato and cheese pie, boneless fried chicken, and butterbeans/lima beans are all fantastic. For down home cooking, I give BD the nod over either Jestine's or Hominy Grill, both of which seem to get more buzz. Oh, and it did used to be a Dairy Queen. For awhile, you could still see the old sign sitting out back.

        Bowen's Island has reopened on a limited basis.

        Cordavi's fixed price three and four course meals are a relative bargain for upscale, downtown places. Make sure you check out their website before you rule them out completely.

        You can save a little money by checking out a few of the good restaurants that are actually open for lunch downtown: SNOB and Tristan come to mind. Tristan also has a great Sunday brunch and one of the better versions of she crab soup to be found.

        Langdon's in Mt. Pleasant offers great upscale food for less of a premium than its downtown competition. Momma Brown's, also in MP, offers up a good southern buffet with lots of veggies, red rice, hash, fried chicken, hush puppies, and both mustard and V&P BBQ (though not cooked over wood coals as far as I can tell).

      2. Also, Bowen's Island was fabulous, but burned down about six months ago -- my brother had his rehearsal dinner there -- very campy, great out-of-the-way "kitschy" location -- sad to see it go....

        1. Yes, you MUST go by and get a piece of the coconut cake...AWESOME! Lunch at Poogan's Porch is pretty reasonable...Overall, most of the places are very reasonable for lunch...We went to some of the high-end places when we were there, but you want to know my 15 years old son's favorite place? Sticky Fingers...He ate there twice! We are from Texas, so he knows good BBQ, but he thought that this place was the bomb...