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Feb 27, 2007 04:01 PM

Spring Training for a week, need restaurant recs!

Hi All, Coming from FLL for aweek of husband is a true fan. We will be staying at the Artisan Hotel on Osborn and Central. We love Mexican, Italian and good American fare. Read through lots of posts and have a pretty good idea of what's what. Mi Patio, Zest, Harley's Italian Bistro, Macayos, Durants, Any other recs you would like to share?

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  1. I've never been let down by Cibo's Pizzeria on Fifth and Fillmore..........delicious
    Pizzas and other sorts and a nice wine list and good service and you don't have
    to wait like you do at Bianco...........

    1. It sounds like you've already thought through some of the choices in Central Phoenix near your hotel. For the most part, I think they're okay, but I'd skip Macayo and try Tradiciones and the Ranch Market for a better Mexican food experience. I'd also suggest considering Lola's Tapas, which is not far at Camelback and 7th St., and Fez, which is just blocks from your hotel.

      Where will you be watching baseball? Some locals might be able to refer you to good spots near some of the games.

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        Thanks for the info! We are going to 2 Cubs games, Giants game and San Diego so far, want to get tickets for some more games when we get there...would like to sit on the berms...looks like fun! I will put Tradicones and Ranch Market on possible list.

      2. Silverbear is correct and has a good list. I would also chime in and say you can do much, much better for Mexican than Mi Patio. I find even La Pinata at 19th Avenue and Osborn far superior to Mi Patio, although I will admit you can't beat Mi Patio's $1.25 margaritas. You also aren't that far from Pepe's Taco Villa (19th Avenue and Camelback), and I would also put Red Devil Italian (31st Street & McDowell) on your list if you are looking for non-stuffy, family Italian.

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        1. re: Seth Chadwick

          Thanks for the recs...I will add them to my list and cross out Mi Patio.

        2. I've said it before but I'll say it again: No Cactus League trip is complete without a meal at Don & Charlie's in Scottsdale. You're probably too late to get a reservation now, but it'd be worth it to look into the possibility of getting on the waiting list one night. (480-990-0900) The walls are lined with sports memorabilia including hundreds -- if not thousands -- of signed baseballs, and chances are you'll see a few players, coaches, and/or baseball media members eating there as well. Try to get in the main dining room if possible; the other one is an extension of the bar room (still fun, but not exactly the same feel, imo).

          I've enjoyed their prime rib, the ribeye, and the filet/baby back ribs combo dinner. Their salads are great and the bread basket with butter, carrot relish and chopped liver is excellent.

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          1. re: Itslikeimsayin

            God, my husband would LOVE that! I will look it up and see what I can do!

          2. If you're seeing a Giants game at Scottsdale Stadium, I'd highly recommend that you stop for lunch at Pischke's Paradise. They have an amazing selection of sandwiches, salads and omelettes, along with a fun atmosphere and very friendly staff.

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            1. re: mitchgx

              Yes we are going to a Giants game...sounds better than hot dogs at the game.

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                Another option in that area is a sports bar called the Blue Moose. It'll probably be packed prior to a Giants game, as it is a pretty short walk from Scottsdale Stadium. I've eaten there twice and both times have been good, for a sports bar. The Pischke's place sounds a little more interesting, maybe.

                1. re: Itslikeimsayin

                  How about the Pink Pony?

                  My baseball friends from the Bay area seem to dine there every year.

                  It's not mentioned among the top steak places in town, but from a baseball/nostalgia perspective, it seems to be a fave among visitors. Is it any good or just popular due to longevity and familiarity?