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Feb 27, 2007 03:57 PM

Going to Pacific Cafe for dinner. Any recommendations??? or should I miss it all together.

Now I know the free wine is tempting but typically it's 2 buck chuck. So, any recommendations on what to eat or should I just skip it all together.


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  1. Pacific Cafe is one of those restaurants people very often overlook (myself included). It's a bit of an Avenues institution, really. The fish, while simply prepared, is quite good... and it's definitely well priced (most entrees < $20).

    The sentiment of the free wine is what matters the most to me vs. the quality of it. I think it's a nice gesture that is befitting of their friendly service.

    I wouldn't say it's the best meal you'll have in the city; however, I certainly do think it's worth patronizing.

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    1. We go to the Pacific Cafe in Kentfield a couple of times a year. I always have the house salad and the sand dabs which are consistently perfect. I like dunking my bread in the tarter sauce they give you. We're always the youngest people there (we're in our mid-50s) by a lot. It's sort of a time warp, but the food is decent and the people are really nice. There's no attitude. And the free cheap white wine doesn't hurt either!

      1. Pacific Cafe is awesome. The food is good, but not great. They're not getting a Michelin star anytime soon, but what they do is fine. My Mom always gets the Sole Newburg, which is a nice dish, but a bit too saucy for me. I generally prefer something grilled. They used to do abalone, which is sometimes hard to find. I used to love the salad with anchovies, but I don't know if they still do it. It is always crowded, so prepare for a wait.

        I think I love it because it was one of the first adult restaurants I went to with my parents back in the '70's. And you know what? It is exactly the same now as then.

        1. If they have mussels and you like them, they are not to be missed, very well prepared in a garlicy, shallot, wine broth. I do not reccommend the salad that has the bay shrimp.

          1. Pacific Cafe does basic fresh fish very well. Order off the chalk board. Halibut parmesan is one of their originals and excellent, but anything from the chalk board is very fresh. A salad known to long time regulars but possibly not mentioned is the dressing of blue cheese and anchovies.