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Feb 27, 2007 03:41 PM

good place for group birthday dinner in Manhattan?

Could someone recommend a fun, young place for a group dinner in Manhattan? Affordable and good alcohol selections are important.

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  1. Agave, a southwestern restaurant on 7th Ave. & W. 10th St., is great for such a group. It's large, caters to parties, has great drinks (margaritas, etc.) and is reasonably priced. It's not too loud but is happy and restive.

    1. What sort of restaurant are you looking for? Any particular type of cooking/food in particular?

      1. how many people? price range?

        1. I think two good choices could be Lederhosen or Delicia.

          Both work for a bunch, are inexpensive and have good drinks.

          Delicia is Brazilian that's cheap, good and fun for a group.

          Lederhosen is good German in a beerhall atmosphere, with a somewhat tacky painting of Alps on the back wall. But the food and drink are very good.

          1. Stanton Social is good and a lot of fun.