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Feb 27, 2007 03:37 PM

Flatrock Village Bakery - thanks, danna & Jeff C

As luck would have it, my appointment was changed to today. I was able to get pizza. Oh my, what a pie! I went with the goat cheese, Danna - you've never steered me wrong. I brought home some curried butternut squash soup, scones, turnovers, a three cheese basil bread, a cranberry walnut bread and cranberry lemon biscotti. I could not restrain myself. They did not have the mushroom bread today. Sat down and lunched with a fellow who is a regular and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Now I've got to decide what to freeze.

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  1. Wow! What a haul! Thanks for posting that, it's *almost* as exciting to hear about someone else loading down w/ Flat Rock swag as it is to get it yourself.

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      And get this.... I tried to take home some of the pizza for my husband, but it was in my little brown bag crying out for me. So I ate it on the drive home - it didn't even make it to the SC border.

    2. Dare I say you ENJOYED yourself?

      I also wanted to let you, Danna, and everybody else know that the Flat Rock Village Bakery pizza restaurant is now open for dinner only but will soon serve lunch as well. It is called West First Wood Fired Pizza (after the street it's on). If you go to the old courthouse in downtown Hendersonville, it will be on the street just to its left. It is clean, spare, hip, and modern (lots of Ikea) and has the most beautiful mosaic-covered wood oven I've ever seen. The space is cavernous and somewhat noisy when full, but it is just a (very elegant) pizza place, after all.

      The menu is currently somewhat limited...besides their signature wood-fired pizzas (try the Goat Cheese Pizza if you're a first-timer), they offer four salads, two soups, and three pasta dishes. They also have an extensive and well-chosen selection of wines and microbrews, homemade desserts and coffee drinks. Everything is prepared fresh with the finest ingredients.

      As I've said before about the bakery, these guys make the best thin crust pizza I have ever had, and the pizza at West First is no less wonderful.

      HIGHLY recommended.