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New Indian-Nepalese in Triangle on the Horizon

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Just went for my weekly bowl of tofu soup at Vit Goal today for lunch and saw that Rudino's Grinders is now defunct and in the process of turning into a new Indian/Nepalese restaurant. That's pretty funky. That little 55/54 corner is quite the ethnic hotspot. Who out there has had Nepalese food and what's it all about?

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  1. Gosh, this sounds very promising. I've had Nepalese once and it was wonderful.

    1. I had Nepalese food at a restaurant in DC (called, um, "Nepal") and while I don't remember specific dishes, I remember having a good time. I think a reasonable [cuisine] comparison might be Nepalese:Indian::Singaporean:Thai, which will be helpful if you've been to Merlion but might otherwise just confuse the issue further ;-)

      That side of RTP is my daily lunch stomping-ground, so I'll be sure to keep tabs & check it out when it opens. Thanks for the heads-up!