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Feb 27, 2007 02:59 PM

Amway cookware handles

I have some pieces of Amway Queen cookware circa 1977 that need replacement handles and knobs. My wife is convinced that some things she makes can't be made properly in any of the two dozen or so pieces of Calphalon hard anodized that I use. She insists on dragging out that old 10-inch skillet without handles or a knob on the lid and no matter how much I plead, she turns a deaf ear.

So I turn to fellow chowhounds and ask, does anyone know where I can score some replacement parts? I contacted Amway but they never called back. I've scoured eBay and can only find intact pots and lids. I just need handles and knobs.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hey bkhuna
    I also need to replace some handles on some old Amway pots. Did you find a place to buy them?

    1. ME TOO ! ! !

      Why did I ever buy this stuff. I can not find replacement handles anywhere.

      Please let me know if you have any luck.

      Thank You

      1. Hope it's not too late for this
        Am just replacing all of my lids & handles from this set (i love it)
        for the lids to saucepans -- 2 parts: Finger Guard SKU AD646 (~$2.35 ea) & Lid Knob SKU AD6894 (~$3.55 ea)
        long handles for pans SKU AD6294 (~$4.70ea.)
        side smaller handles for skillet etc SKU AD5955 (~$3.55 ea.)
        I found a local Quixtar person to buy from . . . shouldn't be too hard.

        1. Go to this link and drill down to the 2nd or 3rd page , you'll find all the parts for queen cookware:

          This was a very hard site to get to but if you follow the links from Amway on line correctly eventually you get there, sheesh!!! Good luck!!

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          1. re: northcoastbob

            Thank you for this quixtar site. I was able to order my Amway replacement handle.

            1. re: northcoastbob

              Thank You as well for the info on the quixtar site. I also was able to order all the handles and lid knobs i needed. To anyone else interested in ordering, be sure to have the sku numbers handy (cook2 supplied in their reply) when searching.

              1. re: northcoastbob

                Evidentally the screw on top of the lids have been changed since I obtained mine about 1968. While quixtar sent the product in a timely fashion, the new top only spun on the ancient peg. I did have to send it back, but found their return policy very simple and consumer friendly.

              2. I know this is an old query, but I too have been looking and finally found them. Amway Malaysia still sell the original Queen handles, not the ones from the new iCook range. Here is their link:
                Good luck!

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                1. re: wickydoc

                  Call Amway customer service to order them. the long handle is about $4.70 and the short one is $2.42 for mine, plus handling and shipping, plus tax.

                  1. re: wickydoc

                    Were you able to order this off their website or did you have to call the company directly?

                    1. re: wickydoc

                      Hello I was wondering how did you order the handles and lid knobs .
                      Thanks this is for a set my motherinlaw had and my son wanted since she has passed.
                      Thanks in advance