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Feb 27, 2007 02:30 PM

Best Chinese Food in Chinatown?

My friends and I will be visiting San Francisco in March and we're looking for chinese restaurants that provides dim sum on the weekends and also pre-fixe menus, we're looking for the following types of food: Peking Duck, Salt Baked Shrimp, House Special Chow Fun, House Special Crab/Lobster, something along the lines of those types of food. Also, I've been to Chinatown before and ate at a restuarant, I don't remember the name, but the food was really, really greasy & bland, I know it's a lot to ask for but please recommend a restaurant that is not so greasy. Thanks for your help!!!

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  1. For dim sum, how about City View? It's on Commercial Street (you can access it through Kearny).

    For all the other items, how about Gold Mountain (on Broadway)?

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    1. re: asianstamp

      Not to diss CityView, but I think their main virtue is it's a place to go when you
      email 10 friends and say "show up for deemsum tomorrow" and so you have
      no idea how many people from 5-10 you're meeting but want to get a table
      quickly. I think it's ok, but I wouldnt put it on any absolute or best price/perf lists.

      With small parties or parties with known membership we're usually able to
      pcik some place more appropriate ... but I suppose Cityview remains a
      low-organization default.

      To the orginal poster: there is plenty of excellent chinese food outside of
      chinatown. if you are committed to chinatown for some non-food reason,
      fair enough, but you shouldnt assume that's where the best chinese food is.

    2. Well the original poster wanted a rec in Chinatown. Other than the usual dirty dives in C-Town, City View is probably the cleanest and best bang for your buck.

      Not everyone can afford to eat at Yank Sing & Tong Kiang, if that's what you're thinking.

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      1. re: asianstamp

        There are lots of restaurants in C-town that aren't "dirty dives" -- R&G, Great Eastern, Louie's, etc. But I think the poster was referring to the fact that there's a lot of good Chinese food out in the Avenues, along the Clement-Geary corridor (Kirin, Mayflower, Parc Hong Kong) and in the "New Chinatown" on Irving in the Sunset. I'm sort of surprised at your implication that Chinese restaurants are dirty (not one but two references to cleanliness). I find City View to be somewhat "dumbed down" -- is that what you consider good about it?

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          I was specifically responding to the dim sum question in my original post. I didn't comment on the dinner part. R&G does not serve dim sum (I like them btw). Like I said, the original poster asked for Chinatown dim sum. Why would I name all these other places in the City if someone wants to eat in C-Town? It's like telling the poster to go to Koi in Daly City if they wanted C-town dim sum recs.

          If you don't like City View that's fine. Don't knock people who do. For some place that is "dumbed down" they certainly managed to get a lot of business.

          I've been to a red egg buffet at Great Eastern. They are not that great. I have no opinion of Louie's since I've never been to that one.

          Let's be honest, a lot of C-town restaurants (inner C-town, not at the cusp of Kearny etc) are run down and dirty. I'm stating a fact that people can see with their eyes. Cleanliness isn't the norm there but an exception. Not saying whether it's right or wrong but it's a fact.

          I've eaten in a fair share of C-town dives but do you really think visitors to the City would be interested in that? It's something for the regulars.

      2. Well I was factoring in the "it's a visit to SF" ... so it may occasion a little more
        work like a willingness to leave downtown, or soend a little more money ...
        that's why i was asking "are you consciously asking or chinatown" or
        "defaulting/assuming" chinatown.

        1. R&G Lounge for dinner (no dim sum, but many of your other dishes.)

          1. Thanks for all the responses, I will keep in mind City View, Gold Mountain, and R&G Lounge... keep it coming, this is great information.

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            1. re: Shaunizzle

              Also consider Great Eastern for dinner. It's better for dinner than Gold Mountain (which I like for dim um from carts) and, IMHO, more consistent than R&G. It also has some good prixe-fixe dinners for groups less than banquet size, yet not of the "with six you get egg roll" stripe.