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Feb 27, 2007 02:17 PM

Yellow Hook Grill in old Lento's spot in Bay Ridge?

I live in Bay Ridge and ride by the new Yellow Hook Grill on my way home to the other end of Bay Ridge in the 90s. Yellow Hook Grill is the new restaurant in the space where Lento's closed on Third Ave in the 70s. I usually only think of it when I'm in a bus so I haven't stopped in yet.

Has anyone been there yet? Is it more bar or restaraunt? What kind of food does it have? Is it moderate or expensive? Reviews, either firsthand or what you've heard?

I did a search on this board before posting this and found nothing.


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  1. I'm as surprised as you are that no one's done an in-depth post on it yet. I did mention it here:

    I think it's great. My wife and I have been there 4 times since it opened (it's very conveinent -- we live a block away). It's always packed.

    There is a large bar in front along the inside wall. It basically takes up the same amount of space as the bar in Lento's did, although they completely gutted the place during renovation. They kept nothing. The rest of the place is seating for food.

    The food is a mix of what can best be described as American. Burgers -- including 'sliders' on the appetizer menu -- are important. But there are also a selection of salads (I had the spinach -- I love spinach) and entrees (pastas, all your various meats, fish). I did have a weird item -- battered and deep fried sausages -- but everything else was very good. The closest anything came to knocking my socks off was the special sauce on the chicken sandwich (you can also get it on a burger).

    Special mention must be made of the pizzas. Rumor had it before they opened that they were going to try to re-create Lento's style pizza. They're close, but haven't made it quite yet. That being said, Lento's was closed for so long I may not remember properly. The pizza's still good though.

    Price-wise it's about 2/3 what you might spend elsewhere in Bay Ridge. And as I said, it's always packed. The two main reasons for this is that there is a major lack of American restaurants in that part of Bay Ridge (you can only eat hummus so often) and the owners are the Longs, who are a prominent Bay Ridge family.

    All in all, it's worth traveling -- even from the 90s -- for! The express bus stops a couple blocks away. You should go! You might see me.

    1. I've been there
      Wasn't too impressed, but the place had only been open 3-4 days
      We also live a block away so we will go again.
      As a matter of fact might be there in 2 weeks with a group of people from another board, we'll see

      1. We have been to Yellow Hook about 5 times for lunch and dinner. American food that is simply good. Great local crowd fun bar to hang out in while waiting for ur table ( inevitable, always jammed) or to hang out after dinner. we have taken out of town relatives here and we have also gone as a couple and as a family. The Longs have done it again ( turtle bay and 3rd and long in the city!) Highly recommended***

        1. We've eaten there over 10 times. Out with the boys and also with the family. The place is always packed but still very roomy. There is a full dinning room in the back, but during the nice weather nothing beats sitting out side. We just stubled across it one day and It has become "our place". Hope it helps

          1. I was just there on Friday. I'll have to agree with the others who posted. It's kind of a throw back to the old Bay Ridge, fun bar/restaurants.The crowded thing can get on your nerves, but it has the potential to become known as a good neighborhood place.