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Best Nachos in Seattle

It's the Bfs b-day and he is a nacho hound. Current fave is the Lock and Keel in Ballard. Anyone have their own suggestions?

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  1. I totally dug the nachos at The Matador in Ballard. Incredibly, incredibly salty though. (That problem also could have been exacerbated by the salt rimmed margeritas I was drinking ....)

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      I haven't tried the nachos, but I would recommend the Matador for libation purposes only. Upon a recent visit, their food in general was part gringo-mex, part lackluster beans-and rice, and generally dissapointing. The "carnitas" was a misnomer that bore no resemblance to the slightly crispy pork fried in lard that is the glory of many taco trucks; it was more like a stew. The pico de gallo lacked the rooster's peck (unlike La Carta down the street), and the black beans were uninspiring. The selection of tequila appears impressive to an agave amateur, and they make a good margarita, so I would stick to a liquid diet.

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        Oh, I make no representations about authenticity or inspired preparations. To me, nachos are about as gringo as you get. Its a messy plate of warm, crispy chips, slightly charred cheese, bites of jalepano, scatters of juicy tomato and sharp red onion, topped with a dollop of sour cream and/or avocado. Pure indulgence, pure satisfaction. Matador's nachos definitely fit that bill. The nachos are also the only thing I've ever eaten there, though, so I can't comment on or recommend the rest.

    2. The nachos at Cactus...oooohh so delicious!

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        Yes! Their 10 dollar nachos are yum. They'll do a half portion, but why bother?

      2. I will second the nachos at Cactus, yum

        1. Mission in West Seattle.

          1. The ones I make at home. call me if you want to stop by ;-)

            1. cactus's nachos .. i order them with chorizo for the meat ...yummmmmm

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                I second Cactus,www.cactusrestaurants.com. THey are cooked and served in a heavy skillet. They are the best I've had in Seattle so far.

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                  Another vote for Cactus with chorizo... I'm also kind of sucker for their chicken fried chicken with chorizo gravy.

                2. Pig & Whistle at Greenwood & 85th. Their cook is Mexican. They make their own homemade salsa, and there's a secret, hidden layer of black beans underneath the nachos (so as not to make the chips soggy - these people know what they're doing). Those beans are so deliciously seasoned instead of the typically bland black beans most places dump on their nachos. And they carry a nice selection of beers to go along with the nachos.

                  1. The best I've had recently are Canterbury on capitol hill (not the chicken ones though) and Coopers on lake city way.

                    The main things I like is enough cheese to hit all the chips, and make sure that the jalapenos and tomatoes (or salsa are fresh and crisp. Not cooked or canned!

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                      Fiddler Inn and the Barking Dog Alehouse have pretty good nachos.