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[PDX] Chinese in Beaverton?

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Any decent dine-in/carryout/hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaruant in the west side of this town, preferrably in the Beaverton area? I know of all the great places in SE, like Wong's King. Not seeking food in that calibre on this side of town. Just looking for "utility" Chinese food to take home during the work week when I'm not up to driving an hour+ to SE. Want cheap and hearty portions, but must be appetizing and edible. Just craving for some good ole General Tso's Chicken, east coast style, and other Americanized Chinese foods. None of that steam table pre-cooked junk.

Any recs?

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  1. Jin Wah is great - Dim Sum daily, a good value lunch special 6 days a week until 2:30 and a wide range of chinese & vietnamese dishes.

    Just north of Canyon Road between 117th and Lombard 4021 SW 117th Ave

    1. The folks at Jin Wah are ethnic Chinese from Vietnam, not Vietnamese, I believe.

      1. I think my food-obsessed aunt and uncle take me to Szechuan House (18659 SW TV Hwy) when I visit. It was quite good, from what I remember.

        1. Try Chinatown [503.641.4153. Murray @Walker; next to Nike campus]
          Daily dimsum, Inexpensive and good. Don't let the small strip mall turn you off.

          Jin Wah is also good.

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            I second the motion on Chinatown. The strip mall location is a disguise for the best Chinese I've found on the west side. Dim sum all the time, but best in late morning or early afternoon. Golden mushroom hot pots....this chef is gifted. Even my Chinese friends recommend it. Another reason to eat there....this hardworking chef was robbed last fall. He works too damn hard to have such a loss. I'd eat there for that reason even if the food was not as good as it is... You won't be disappointed. Location: SW Walker Road and Murray, across from Nike. As for dim sum, ask for eggplant stuffed with shrimp....silky brown shoyu-flavored sauce, creamy texture, ambrosia! Good prices too. My favorite west-side Sunday "brunch".

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              Tried Chinatown the other evening and found them to be fairly bustling. Wasn't impressed with our order of eggplant stuffed with shrimp nor the sticky rice off their dimsum menu. Their g. tso's chicken and a tofu with seafood claypot were decent. Prices were lower than most others, food was edible. Good selection on their menu. Definitely subpar compared to Wong's King, but overall, a good alternative than most on this side of town. Will have to try them again.

          2. My family likes Royal Panda at Washington Square Too and Wu's Open Kitchen on Scholl's Ferry Rd. as well as Jin Wah. Try Golden Crown on Hillsdale Highway. Haven't been there in years but have fond memories of the food there.