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Good eats in Columbus

Atlanta hound heading to Columbus for a conference--staying at the Crown Plaza near the Convention Center, will have a car. Looking for suggestions for a few dinners--any must haves, etc.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd head a few blocks north into the Short North district on High Street and try Rigsby's or the Burgundy Room, or if you want something casual, Betty's or Surly Girl Saloon. Or a bit further into Victorian Village, Basi Italia.

    And your hotel is right by the North Market which I recommend visiting at lunchtime - great vietnamese sandwiches, ice cream and other treats from a wide range of vendors.

    1. I really love Burgundy Room in the Short North, too (www.burgundyroom.net). They have a great wine selection and very creative tapas-sized plates. The Flatiron near the convention center on Nationwide Blvd. is owned by the Rigsby's people and has really goos upscale bar food. Also, G. Michael's in German Village is one of my favorites (www.gmichaelsbistro.com). It is owned by the same people that own Burgundy Room. Lindey's in German Village is a local favorite and the food is always dependable. It's good for people-watching, too - the bar is always crowded. They have upscale continental-style food. I agree with North Market for lunches - it's a fun place to look around and there are a lot of good vendors.

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        I work in the area and second Lauren's suggestions for the Flatiron and Burgundy Room. For lunch within walking distance, try Mac's on N. High St., very good Scottish pub food (hambergers, salads, soups). If you have access to a car, try Trattoria Roma in Grandview, they have a weekly special M-F until 6 p.m. for 2 pasta entrees for $20. Martini's is a Cameron Mitchell restaurant, a lot of Chowhounds will object, but I think they do a good job.

      2. The Dispatch recently named the top 10 and top 20 restaurants here:

        I've been to the Worthington Inn (several times) and L'Antibes, and both were excellent.


        Check out additional recommendations in this topic:

        1. One more comment - your question is pretty broad. It might help if you note whether you're looking for fine dining, specific kind of ethnic food, whatever else you enjoy in food.

          1. You will be near a good brewpub -- Barley's. It was a brewpub before those things popped up on every corner. Try the sauerkraut balls. http://www.barleysbrewing.com/enews1/...

            You will be by High Street, the main North/South artery of Columbus. Slightly to your south is downtown. Then south of downtown is German Village and the Brewery District. Around your hotel is now called the Arena District. The restaurants in the Arena District are mostly chains (Buca di Beppo, etc.) Go north and you will be in the Short North which has several independent restaurants and some art galleries. Keep going north and you will hit the OSU campus. German Village and the Short North are your best bets. You'd probably want to drive to German Village, but you can easily walk to the Short North. North of campus is a really good restaurant called Alana's.

            Because of the university, there are a lot of good ethnic places. Anything that particularly interests you?

            A Columbus institution is Schmidt's in German Village. They have an all you can eat sausage buffet. You shouldn't miss it. http://www.schmidthaus.com/

            Skip any of the Cameron Mitchell restaurants.

            1. Sound recommendations so far...definitely hit the Flatiron (great on Mondays for the red beans and rice special with housemade andouille and a REAL Martini) and North Market for lunch...both are walking distance from Crown Plaza. Here's a few more in the area...

              Indian Oven - Downtown on East Main. Killer Indian/Bangla food, upscale atmosphere.

              Thurman Cafe - Local two-fisted cooked-to-order burger institution/dive bar...truly great wings.

              Barcelona - upscale German Village place...Spanish derived food, nice bar. Don't know when you're coming, but if it's during the warmer months, they have a gorgeous patio.

              Happy Greek - close to convention center...provided it's still open after it's owners recent alleged involvement in an international mortgage fraud ring, you'll find this near Short North Greek place to have excellent calamari, dips, gyros, and baklava. The Kefthedes (medium rare) are my personal favorite. Other than the salads, the side dishes are unremarkable, but everything else is usually top shelf.

              Kooma - Pretty good sushi bar right by the convention center.

              Zen Sushi - Right across the street form the convention center, not as much a sushi place as a nice spot for a group. Cool atmosphere...get a bunch of resonably priced small plates, good yakitori, etc., fun place to throw back some drinks and snack with friends.

              Enjoy...let us know where you go!

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                Just have to say I found Flatiron's red beans and rice were comically bland. No ham flavor at all, big chunks of vegetables, beans that weren't "melted" in the least, and no melding of flavors. It's as if they just cooked it for a half hour instead of at least 2.5 hours as necessary. They do make their own andouille (who else in Columbus does that), but you're definitely better off going to Popeye's for red beans. Btw Creole Kitchen also has horrible red beans. Can someone in C-bus please get it right?

              2. Thanks for all of the recommendations--I'll let you know how it goes!

                1. Maybe someone from Columbus will know the name of this place. I visited it a few years ago while there for business. It's near the Topiary Garden and a sort of natural type food place. Fresh sandwiches, salad and so forth. Very casual, good place for lunch.

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                    There was a salad and sandwich place across from the topiary garden, but it closed. I forget its name. Mozart's then opened up a lunch place there, and it closed. Which didn't surprize me because the staff was really rude unlike the other Mozart locations. Don't know what is there now.

                  2. What a shame. The food was really good and the place was funky. I remember they had a lot of their menu on a chalkboard. The food was really good too.