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Feb 27, 2007 01:50 PM

Do you have any Axe recommendations?

I haven't found any recent posts on Axe. However, I'm going to dinner there tonight. Does anyone have any favorite dishes or prominent warnings?

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  1. The owner typically serves whatever is in season - she is a real stickler. I don't think you can go wrong here as long as you order whatever sounds good to you. The short ribs, lamb chops and pork chops are long time favs as is the multigrain pancake, but I don't know if that's offered for dinner. I've personally yet to hear someone say they've gotten a bad meal there.

    1. For lunch, try the olio pasta bowl or the chicken apple salad.

      Same should be offered for dinner.

      1. They have a wonderful yellowtail sashimi grapefuit salad..highly recomend if still on the menu

        1. Here is the website:

          I've literally eaten everything on the menu (not in one sitting) and have enjoyed everything. My favorites include the seafood pancake as an appy (but filling enough fot a meal), the sake seared filet, the flat bread, whatever soup is offered, the farmer's market plate (compose your own, and also enough, for a meal). Also great is the Persian Bean stew, the roast chicken and whatever fish is offered in whatever preparation of that day. Those come to mind most easily, but I would say again everything is delicious! Desserts are wonderful as well, I always enjoy the ice creams, and the chocolate brownie pudding is a must have. When persimmons are in season, (not now, unfortunately) there is a persimmon pudding which is also great. My favorite neighborhood restaurant in LA. Enjoy!