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Feb 27, 2007 01:49 PM

Where to get a Variety of Rice Seasoning in Toronto (moved from Toronto)

I have been to many grocery stores and all I can find are basic Chinese fried rice seasoning, yellow rice seasoning and thats all I have been able to find. Is there some place I can buy more in the local GTA, I am looking for Mexican, Portuguese, spanish or anything to make the rice nice and tasty and colorful other then yellow.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Lively Life at the SLM has a variety of rices with seasonings -- they are on the downstairs level north of Rube's Rice. I believe they have a couple Spanish and Mexican flavourings plus some red New Orleans types.

    1. For tasty things you can sprinkle on top of rice, Sanko on Queen W has a few different kinds of furikake, the Japanese seasoning. I imagine most other Japanese (or Korean) groceries would have a selection as well.

      You could also try almost any Middle Eastern grocery for za'atar, the mix of dried herbs, sumac, and sesame seeds that is also nice sprinkled over rice (and many other things).

      1. Sorry I am not familiar with these places, do you have intersetions or addresses? Thanks in Advance.

        1. I figured it out SLM stands for St. Lawrence Market but the problem is during a normal day it takes forever to drive down there because of traffic. I also found Sanko on Queen st. a little to far also.

          Sorry I should have been more specific, some place in the borders of steeles, yonge, st. clair, kipling hopefully.

          1. MrRiceGuy, you'd end up with much better flavours and results, for a fraction of the cost, if you'd season your rice with your own spice mixtures. Purchased rice seasonings invariably have large amounts of sodium and, often, monosodium glutamate. It's so much more interesting to make your own; there's more control and you could probably concoct a different rice dish from various ethnic cuisines every day of the year.