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Feb 27, 2007 01:45 PM

Wheat/gluten free birthday cake

Help! My friend's birthday is this weekend and she is allergic to wheat/gluten... flourless cakes are good too.

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  1. Try Whole Foods - I've tried their vegan cakes and they're pretty decent.

    1. manis on fairfax or la brea (my brain is broken). they have this one cake i've had at a few birthdays that is shockingly good considering what it doesn't have in it...

      1. The carrot cake at Mani's is my favorite carrot cake ever. It's non dairy too. You should sample a couple of their cakes, but I've never been disappointed and they have tons of flavors. They really do a good job making (semi) healthy sweets. If your friend is used to that, I don't think she'll be disappointed.

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          I'm pretty sure the carrot cake at Manis (which is vegan) isn't wheat / gluten free, though. However I third the recommendation for Mani's (which is on Fairfax) - they are pretty good at accomodating various weird diets.

          A lot of places have flourless chocolate cakes, which might be worth checking out. I know Urth has one, but not sure how good it is.

          Maybe some sort of crumble type thing (apple crisp) might taste better than a flourless cake?