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Feb 27, 2007 01:27 PM

special night-- downtown --buddakan vs morimoto vs kittichai

all suggestions much appreciated

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  1. Both Buddakan and Morimoto are good for the scene but food is medicore. In Morimoto unless you order the $200 omakase dinner, everything else is really not special. Kittichai is the worst of all three. While the decor was ok the food is medicore and the service is bad.

    I will not recommend any of the three unless you are up for the scene.

    1. I'd say Buddakan...I thought the food was pretty good and I love the decor.. Wasn't a fan of Morimoto, it was good, but there are better, although the space is nice. Kittichai is definietly the worst of the three...pretty room with the pond, but service is awful...have to ask for more wine, water etc.

      1. Kittichai is definietly the worst of the three, Buddakan has more variety of cooked foods.