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Feb 27, 2007 01:25 PM

[SEA] Happy hour near 7th and Pike?

Lookin' for cheap, but good, drinks (AND food)!!! Nothing too noisy, crowded, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hmmm. By definition, most happy hours with good food, drinks (cheap) are going to be noisy and crowded! So this is a tough one. I'd walk up to Chapel, on Pine and Melrose (just above I-5, it would be less than a 10 minute walk). They have $4 martinis (HUGE menu) and great happy hour food from 5-7 (?) pm. If you get there right at 5pm you can snag a table on the balcony, upstairs, which will be quieter than the main bar. The bar is in an old funeral home and there is no sign outside.

    1. vessel has a pretty good happy hour. union? brasa, but it's a little farther from where you are.

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        although i like Vessel, i'm not sure it qualifies as cheap ($10 drinks) compared to other happy hour places, and does not have typical happy-hour bites if that is what the OP is looking for. Also being a small place, it can get crowded quickly.

      2. Ruth Chris has a good happy hour about a block from your specified location. If you want quieter then Tao on 4th and Stewart is sort of an undiscovered gem. $4 house wine and $5 or less appetizers like spring rolls and phad thai.

        1. Bambuza has $1.50 appetizers and a drink special.
          Union Grill has a sliding scale HH from 3 to 6.
          Game Works has a 1/2 priced HH. I haven't been to this, but others claim it's a good deal.