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Feb 27, 2007 01:13 PM

Wheat/gluten free birthday cake

Its my friend's birthday this weekend and she is allergic to wheat/gluten...
Need to be able to pick it up somewhere in LA this weekend.

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  1. Try Mani's Bakery - there is one on Fairfax in the city and one on Main in Venice.

    1. You also might want to check out Kosher bakeries; they usually do flourless cakes for Passover. I'm sure other bakeries make a good, dense flourless chocolate cake too- there's a good one at the restaurant Il Buco and a great one at Chaya Brasserie, you can find if they make them in house or not. I'm curious to know what you find out though, as I'm gluten intolerant as well and have a big birthday coming up!

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        Thanks! I will send you anything good that I have. My friend is actually a Naturopathic doctor and says that gluten allergies are very common. She usually just splurges on her b-day but I thought, she probably doesn't have to!

      2. They are becoming more and more common, or rather, more and more people are being diagnosed when they werent before. It's a lot like lactose- there are certain things our bodies weren't meant to digest, yet we force ourselves to anyway. I "cheat" on bites here and there, but if I had a whole piece of regular birthday cake- well, I just wouldn't enjoy my birthday, and nothing is worth that!

        your other post did mention flourless chocolate cake from Urth Caffe- I actually havent tried it yet, but if it's anything like their other baked goods (when I could eat them) it's probably great.

        1. Trader Joes sells a very good flourless chocolate cake in their freezer section. They even have a low fat version that is yummy. Put some writing on it and some candles and sing.

          1. Sweet Debbie's Organics does gluten free if you request it... Check out their site...