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Real Italian Grocery in Toronto?

Is there a genuine Italian grocery somewhere in Toronto? Aside from a greater selection of Italian provisions than available at Cheese Boutique, Pusateri's, Longo's etc., I am especially looking for speciality dairy items: Parmesan rinds (sold as rinds) and Burrata, also freshly made mozzarella--not the ubiquitous Saputo stuff . . . also, Tipo 00 flour for pasta and squid ink.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Have you tried Grande Cheese and Royal Beef?

    1. I don't know if they have everything you're looking for, but if you're on the West end, pay a visit to La Rose Bakery (near Royal York and Eglinton). When I lived in the area, it's where I went to find Italian groceries.

      1. LaRose Bakery on Royal York north of Eglinton has Italian mozzarella but be prepared for sticker shock. Domestic fresh is around but hard to locate--don't balk at the sloshy bladder-like packaging. Try Mike's off North Queen in Etobicoke for squid ink.

        1. I buy my parma rinds at Whole Foods

          1. Try JohnVince Foods (on St. Clair West, north side, one blk east of Oakwood). Not sure if they have what you're looking for, but it's worth a shot.

            1. Seacore (Seafood Depot) in Woodbridge is great.

              1. There is a store on the north side College near Grace avenue. The name escapes me.

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                  Grace Meats is the store at College/Grace in business for 40 years..If you can get out to Etobicoke, Pasquale Brothers has all of your needs (and they have excellent prices).

                  1. Have you been to Lady York Foods on Dufferin a couple of blocks south of Lawrence? It's in the same plaza as City Fish. I really don't know about your specific ingredients, but it's a very good Italian grocery.

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                      Yes, though I liked it better before renovations. But the selection is good. That's where you'll find ''real'' yeast, olives , sausages, etc.

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                        I second that. good prices too.

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                          I fully agree. Very good selection of oils, vinegars, even fresh real baker's yeast. Your best bet is to ask the Delicatessen counter for what you want.
                          They are on Dufferin, a couple of steps North of Glencairn.

                        2. Highland Farms( several locations) has a very good selection of the type of products you are looking for--00 flour, prosciutto shanks, etc. You may have trouble finding parm rind since almost all of these place sell parm with rind attached for obvious economic reasons.
                          I've also had good luck at Siena foods on Queensway at Haines Ave in Etobicoke if that is near to you.

                          1. If you ask where you buy your parmigiano they will probably save some rinds for you.

                              1. Ya, Seafood Depot and San Antonio Food Market are awesome. Grande Cheese always a good time as well.

                                  1. Weston Produce in Richmond Hill is a moderately sized grocery store with a large Italian clientele. It's very foodie friendly and stocks many Italian ingredients.


                                    Plus, there's a Grande Cheese outlet a few blocks north.

                                    1. i second Lady York on Dufferin (or as my relatives call it Du-ffa-rin)
                                      they a great fresh cheese (ask for the salted version) and cheap good pasta always on sale in the back aisle.

                                      1. I make the trek to Lady York, as well.
                                        They have the best selection of pasta anywhere in the GTA.
                                        I like to put Anelli in my chicken soup, and this pasta is not available anywhere else.
                                        I usually buy my parmesan at St. Lawrence Market, but I am sure that any large cheese shop would have rinds.

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                                          On the Danforth we have Masseli Brothers. Every kind of pasta shape you can think of and lots more. Although my first choice would be Grande as well.

                                        2. Vincenzo's on Danforth - just West of Main has a good selection of Italian groceries and always a nice selection of Ontario products. Definately have Mozzarella - but may run out midweek.