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Feb 27, 2007 12:49 PM

Non-touristy restaurants near Javits Center?

Help! We're out-of-town foodies with no time to research! Any ideas for impressive eats near the Javits Center? Boss is subway-phobic... = (


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  1. The area in the immediate vicinity of the Javits Center does not offer much, if any, in the way of good eats. Presuming your boss is willing to walk some distance and/or is not taxi-phobic, we might be able to provide you with some options. But first, you need to give us some specifics.

    Is this for lunch or dinner?

    What cuisines do you prefer?

    When you say "impressive eats," does that mean you want something upscale?

    What is your per person budget? And tell us if that figure includes alcoholic beverages, tax (nearly 9%) and tip (20%).

    1. it's a wasteland there. grab a cab and head over to keens steakhouse. your boss will be impressed. you'll be executive vp before the night is over if your boss is a scotch lover. reservations are a good idea.

        1. I'd recommend the Red Cat, on 9th between 24 and 25th Sts. A bit further down 9th Avenue is Del Posto, which is a big room for big budgets.