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Feb 27, 2007 12:28 PM

Chinese Restaurants outside of Chinatown?

Looking for a good Chinese restaurant north of Chinatown, preferably around Gramercy Park, Murray Hill, or Midtown. Suitable for a business dinner.

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  1. Wu Liang Ye on Lexington, near 40th St. - this is the sister restaurant to that popular lunch spot near Rockefeller Ctr.
    I went there in Dec. with my friend, my mom, her mom, and another friend who's originally from Hong Kong. So it was a chinese filled table. We had hot pot; one side basic broth, and one side very spicy! They had a decent selection of meats and vegetables for the hot pot; I haven't tried their entrees, but the place was packed for a Friday. However, some reviewers on citysearch didn't have such a great experience so beware...

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      Can you give me a little more detail about the hotpot? I've always wanted to try it there but most of my orders are to-go, so obviously a hotpot is out of the question. How spicy is the spicy side (i love spicy) and how big is it? Also, what meats/veggies are available.

    2. If you're looking for great food at great prices, try Mee on 2nd Ave....I think it's around 48th st. or so..not an upscale take-out restaurant that specializes in awesome, authentic food. The only downside is that they serve quick for a fast turn-around....good luck..feastmeister

      1. I love Szechuan Gourmet on 39th, between 5th and 6th, closer to 6th. I have been there a few times for casual business dinners, it is near my office, but I don't think it would be the best place if you wanted to entertain a client.

        1. Peking Park at Park and 40th St. Had my wedding banquet there last year. For some reason, never crowded at night, so you have some quality time with your client/customer. They make a nice Peking Duck, or if you wiswh they can break it into 3 courses for you: soup, crepe filled with skin, meat sauteed with veggies. Also make a good Peking Spareribs, very spicy Ma Po Tofu, good crispy skinned chicken, steamed fish, etc.

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          1. here it is:

            (212) 888-0027

            Mee Noodle
            922 2ND Ave
            New York, NY 10017-1504

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