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Feb 27, 2007 12:24 PM

Cheap Lunches VERY close to King/Bathurst


I've got a 12 week contract just to the east of King and Bathurst, and I'm seeking recommendations for inexpensive (less than $10) lunches that are within a five minute or so walk of the intersection. Sorry: Susur busts the budget! All cuisines will be considered, home-spun preferred over chains.



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  1. I'll throw my 2 cents in and suggest you hit the Wheat Sheaf tavern at least once...a venerable old Toronto Watering hole (do they still have the barrel full of pretzels that you help yourself too?)...they do a nice burger and good chicken wings.

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      With taxes and tips, you'd be hard pressed to come out of Wheat Sheaf with a full stomach for less than $10... unless you're on the Nicole Richie diet. ;-)

    2. Gandhi on Queen, just east of Bathurst on the North side. Roti, roti, roti! Or you can just get the curry & rice, instead.

      1. Try Wagamama at Tecomseh and King, one block west of King/Bathusrt..It is sort of a japanese lunch spot with no sushi, kind of a soup/noodle and sandwich place (not a good description but the place is unique in Toronto)..Best chocolate cream puffs that I have had..

        The Foogy Dew has much better pub food than the Wheat Sheaf at the same price.

        Zoe's bakery just east of Bathurst on King has great soups/bread/sandwich/deserts..

        If you can get up to Queen (5min walk) try New York Subs for excellent burrito's (they do not serve subs!
        You could have the greasy dinner experience at Shanghai Cowgirl for under $10 as well.

        I will second Ghandi for the roti.

        1. CoCo Rice is the Thai place right at that corner and they have 6 or 7 daily specials (that change daily) for around $8-9. I've liked everything I've tried.
          Walk a block east to Portland and you'll find Toshi Sushi..excellent and Wok to Wok Noodle House (excellent Won ton noodle soups)

          1. Thanks for the recommendations, all.