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Feb 27, 2007 12:03 PM

Best Bets at Clear Flour Bakery

My schedule has me passing Clear Flour nearly once a week now and I'd never been there before a few weeks ago. I'm in love! It's small and friendly and full of wonderful things. Such a good vibe. I've enjoyed the buckwheat walnut bread, the delicious raspberry pear tarts, the incredible croissants, and the wonderfully flakey and not sickeningly sweet nut rolls. What do you recommend?

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  1. Any of the plain ole breads are AMAZING there. Ciabatta, french loaves, rye. Their breads are true artisan quality!

    1. Pretty much everything - it's almost easier to say what's NOT outstanding. I've tried them regularly but never cared for their focaccia or their scali, for instance. I like their weekend special scones better than the daily cranberry-currant version, and think that they'd be better in general if they were about 2/3 the size that they make them.

      Both the regular French and the Ancienne are wonderful baguettes. And the olive rolls are delicious, although you should be warned that they are liberally seasoned with black pepper. (I like it that way, but I've known folks to be dismayed at the discovery.) Oh, and if they happen to have the gruyere cheese croissants, get them! So good...

      1. The morning buns rock.

        1. The deli rye is good. The focaccia are good for muffaletta's or pizzas but not for plain eating.

          1. The best thing at Clear Flour is the bostok: a thick slice of brioche, lightly toasted and covered in frangipane and sliced almonds.