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Feb 27, 2007 11:23 AM

Martin County/Stuart trip this week

I have to go to Stuart for business on Thursday. Can anyone recommend a lunch and dinner spot. No need for details-I like food.

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  1. I just moved to the area myself from Orlando, Florida and have not been too impressed by the restaurants; however I have ate at the New England Fish Market (Jensen Beach) which was good if you are looking for Seafood. Shrimpers Grill & Raw Bar which was ok, the Conch Chowder was very good but my entree (grilled Tuna was not so great and over cooked) and not very tasty. WAHOO's which has a nice ambiance but another restaurant I was not too impressed with and it was pricey considering the food was not out of this world. If you get any responses I am interested as I too am wanting to find decent restaurants in the area.

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      We visit every year and enjoy Shells for seafood in Stuart. In old town Stuart The Flagler Grill is expensive but good. In Jenson Beach 11 Maple Street when we ate there a few years ago was delicious for an expensive fancy dinner. I agree with critique of Wahoo. Also we enjoy Toojays and its huge menu. We like Benihana in Sewells Point for hibachi and sushi. The view overlooks the Indian River. Last year we ate at Conchy Joes in Jenson Beach and had to send 2 out of 5 of our dinners back something that I don't do often. But the bar and band on fri and sat night in Conchy Joes looks great for a 30+ crowd. In old town Stuart there are nice cafes for lunch also the Osceola cafe and Nature's Way. Enjoy your visit it is a charming area. TR from Rumson NJ

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        Forget Shells, it's a very loud chain and not a particularly good one. Way worse than Wahoo's.

        I'd say stick where you'll be. If you'll be in Stuart near the courthouse, there are tons of cute little cafes like timrob said. If you'll be closer to Jensen Beach that's also a great place to find chow. TooJay's is on Federal hwy (us 1) in a movie-theater plaza just south of Monterey.

    2. Sakura for sushi, Federal Highway just north of Monterey.
      Carmela's for pizza and Italian, East Ocean Blvd. just before the causeway (across from Stuart Fine Foods). Everything's great, skip the wine bar, no credit cards.
      TooJay's would be good for lunch if you've never been to one. Jewish mega-deli.
      Bistro Madeleine in Palm City (on Martin Downs in plaza next to Walgreens, just east of the Turnpike) for French-greasy spoon. Best monte cristos ever, and they slather brie on everything -- how could you go wrong? Bfast/lunch only, they were open for dinner but only sporadically.

      There's lots more here, search Stuart or Jensen Beach and you'll hit a lot. :-)

      1. Black Marlin still open? Anyone know?

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          Yes, tried to get in a week ago--long wait.

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            It always was. We loved hanging out at the bar until we could get a table. It actually got better after season, but Stuart's grown so much that probably isn't the case anymore. We were down there often enough that we were "known by name" regulars. One of the great sauces was a banana rum sauce. We couldn't get the recipe, but finally reproduced it best with banana baby food and Bacardi Anejo rum. The kids took to ordering the sauce by the moniker "Gerber and Anejo." The waiters got a kick out of that.

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              I haven't been to Black Marlin, but I did live in Stuart a year and a half ago, and season still definitely makes a big difference all over there, especially traffic wise. (I remember it took us half an hour to get from the Roosevelt Bridge to the mall. . .I do NOT miss those days!)

        2. There are alot of good places in Martin County. Courtine's on Dixie Highway probably the most consistantly good restaurant Owner Chief. Moderate to high price. Flagler Grill, Riverwalk in old Stuart. Councky Joe's has the best conch chowder however the rest is so-so. Christiana's on US 1 Is also a chief onwer and is wonderfull. Brickwall is new the chief owner was the chief at Rotties when it was opened. Very good alittle expensive. Ocean Bistro is also good both are on Ocean Bulevard before the bridge Enjoy!

          1. 11 Maple Street in Jensen Beach is my fave restaurant in the area and well worth the price. DH and I had one of the best food and wine pairing, five-course meals there we've ever experienced. Black Marlin and Flagler Street Grill are good choices, as well. I'd avoid Conchy Joe's--the food's pretty disappointing, and it seems to be mainly a tourist dive. Sakura was just ok; it seems a little dingy to inspire confidence as a sushi bar, and the service was disinterested. Hope that helps!