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Feb 27, 2007 11:17 AM

Austin crawfish

So what restaurant(s) put on the best crawfish boil in Austin?

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    1. Each year, I usually call all the usual suspects and get prices...I can't find my previous posts. However, the usual winner in terms of price and quality was, believe it or not, Razoo's during happy hour. The only reason that I ever went there was for the crawfish, which were pretty good and at least 40% cheaper than anywhere else. Since my wife and I can eat 8-10 pounds, this is important. Now Razoo's is gone. Also, the Boiling Pot is now a taco place, but there is still a Boiling Pot downtown. I always feel ripped off there..for $20 you get one crab, a lb of crawfish, and some inedible sausage and potatoes.

      The other places that I called were:

      Sambets - (just plain bad the one time I went there - not tainted, but something awry) for $8.99 for a pound and a half.

      Jazz - prices varied, but were often the next cheapest to Razoo's. Quality also varied.

      Louisiana Longhorn - I've just heard that they have had crawfish in past years.

      Alligator Grill - usually pretty good, sometimes about $5 per lb

      Quality Seafood - I'm sure they serve it in season.

      Other maybes - Evangeline, Shoal Creek Saloon

      If anyone prices any of these places or others, let me know.

      1. re: rudeboy

        Quality Seafood does not serve it in their restaurant though you can buy it from them for $3/lb.

        They do make a nice crawfish creole soup that may satisfy your crawfish cravings.

        1. re: Kent Wang

          Maybe I'm just cheap, but a sack has to come in under $2 per pound to make it worth having a boil. Razoo's used to have cooked and served crawfish fof $2.99 per pound, which is why I haven't had a boil in several years.

          I keep hearing about how this is supposed to be a great season for crawfish, so maybe come march/april, live prices will come down.

          I also know a guy that "makes a run" every other year or so. If anyone is interested, let me know.

        2. re: rudeboy

          Razoos is now open in Round Rock near the IKEA and serving crawfish.

      2. Great question.

        I'm with you rudeboy... I try and avoid the Boiling Pot as there prices are not reasonable and franky, the quality is not there.

        Needless to say, I am a bit gun-shy when it comes to posting as apparently someone here is flagging most if not all of what I'm posting.

        IMHO, the best bang for your buck in boiled crawfish is Pappadeaux. 3 bucks and change per pound. They also have solid deals on oysters on the half-shell-- I typically eat a dozen Gulf oysters with a glass of their cheap sparkling, and then finish out with 5 pounds of crawfish with a hefeweizen, and get in and out of there for just under 30 bucks.The problem is scarcity: so if you venture there, make sure you call ahead and check for crawfish availability. Plan to sit at the bar. Try and avoid peak hours. Apparently everyone that is anyone that eats boiled crawfish knows about the promo and seemingly gets there before I do...and Pappadeaux will not change their par's.

        Though I have not been there for crawfish, I understand Uncle Boudreaux's in Manor (off 290 East) has excellent crawfish (though this is hearsay from a poker buddy.)

        I have friends that eat at Quality Seafood. Though we have not talked extensively about it, they tell me that the crawfish is not unlike something you'd do yourself, at home.

        If you're interested in a boil, let me know. I know numerous industry folks that can procure bags of crawfish and I might be up for co-hosting something not unlike this.

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        1. re: StagirasGhost

          I didn't even think about Pappadeaux. Sounds affordable, and thanks for the strategy - that's helpful.

          I've passed by Uncle Boudreaux's and wondered what it might be like. This is the first rec that I've heard. Since I live off 2222, that may be an easy drive for me this weekend. I'll report back.

          I can't imagine why you'd be getting flagged. But maybe I haven't seen the posts that were flagged...who knows? I had a couple flagged last week and I didn't understand why. That's why my posts are short and very pointed - I don't want to take the time to give a detailed review.

          1. re: rudeboy

            What's this about someplace near our house named Uncle Bourdreaux's?!!! Do tell, Rudeboy.

            1. re: amysuehere

              It is out in Manor, amysue, so it would be a bit of a drive. I haven't made it out there yet!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. An update on prices:

              Pappadeaux - $4/lb
              Alligator Grill - $4/lb 3pm-7pm, $6/lb otherwise
              Sambet's - $11 per 2 lbs
              Louisiana Longhorn - $6/lb
              Quality Seafood - $6/lb, Mondays 6pm-9pm only
              Evangeline - This Saturday (Apr 28) only, starting at 4pm for $6/lb
              Jazz - out of business
              Shoal Creek Saloon - doesn't have

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              1. re: Brian Lindauer

                Thanks for that update Brian. I forwarded the info to my best Bud in Austin.

                1. re: Brian Lindauer


                  Sounds like Pappadeaux and Alligator HH are the only semi affordable choices right now.

                  I saw a sign at Shoal Creek Saloon the other day that (I think) said something about crawfish coming soon, special boil night, or something like that.