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Feb 27, 2007 11:13 AM

Urgent - Need Decent Place b/w Philly and Bmore

Help. Today is my birthday and my boyfriend and I would like to meet for dinner. I'm in Philly, he's south of Baltimore. Can anyone recommend somewhere between Baltimore and Philly not more than 15 or 20 miles off of I-95. Just an independent restaurant with quality food and not too fancy for me to show up in jeans. All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. I live in Wilmington, which is half-way(ish), although it definitely is closer to Philly than Baltimore. Two thoughts would be Toscana Kitchen, which is in the Trolley Square neighborhood in Wilmington (about 5 minutes off of the Delaware Ave. exit on 95) for some creative italian fare. It's a nice place but you could show up in jeans no problem. A more casual favorite in Newark is The Border Cafe (heralded by a big sign says EAT) on Rt. 7 not too far from the Christiana Hospital, maybe a minute or two off the highway. Good tex-mex -- two people can have a good meal there for less than $20. Happy birthday!

    1. how far are you willing to drive? If you want a really good MD crabcake for your b-day, go to Olive Tree, off of exit 85 (from 95), it's right off the exit. Will be a bit further for you, but only about an hour from center city, not sure whee he is coming from.

      1. Pretty close to halfway is the Tidewater Grille, in Havre de Grace. Not exactly haute cuisine, but nice enough steak and seafood, and it's on the water.

        1. The Border Cafe is a chain, and though okay, can be touch and go. You can get far better food elsewhere.

          Toscana is pretty good around Wilmington, Lamberti's in Wilmington is a decent bet on Philadelphia Pike (there are several locations, but they're owned by the same family).

          If you want seafood, stick to Havre de Grace or North East MD. Woody's in North East is good, but is a bit off of 95 (probably 20 minutes). Great seafood and a fun, casual atmosphere.

          1. The Howard House Tavern in Elkton is a good halfway point too, just below Elkton-- although a much better destination when hardshell crabs are in season!