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Good cake in Baltimore or Columbia, MD area?

I want to purchase a small cake (preferably way under $500) in one of these areas. Taste matters over the decoration of the cake. Thanks!

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  1. Cakes Plus in Laurel would be a good possibility.

    1. Sarah and Desmond's in Ellicott City does a really nice job, too.

      1. I like Patiserrie Poupon in Baltimore.

        1. Sugarbakers in Ellicott City

          1. Fisher's Bakery, in downtown Ellicott City.

            1. You're going to think I'm crazy, but the last 2 years my in-laws have bought my husband a carrot cake from Chicken Out. It's most definitely not a small cake, but is some of the best carrot cake I've ever had, aside from my mom's.

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                I second this one! I also highly recommend the chicken. What a grand surprise their carrot cake was, but it is one of our favorites for all sorts of occasions.

              2. Poupon is absolutely awesome. Atwater's in Belvedere Square (and now also at Kenilworth in Towson) has great pastry people as well, but I don't know what the deal is with special order cakes. I thought Sugarbakers (also very good) was in Catonsville?

                1. I got birthday cupcakes at Cakes Plus after reading about it on this board many times and I was very disappointed.

                  I know this sounds implausible but the best cake I had lately was from Whole Foods. Someone brought it as a birthday cake to the place where I work - it was a chocolate cake, very moist, with chocolate and coffee frosting. I don't know which Whole Foods it was but presumably they should all be similar?

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                    While I'm not willing to say I think Whole Foods has the best cake in the Baltimore/Columbia area (sadly, I haven't tried enough of the bakeries mentioned above to give an informed opinion), I had to chime in when I read the above post. I had a sample of Whole Foods vanilla buttercream cake at the Harbor East location several weeks ago, and it stopped me in my tracks. Maybe it was partly that my expectations were pretty low, considering it was a small bite of grocery store cake that had been sitting out for who-knows-how long, but I had a definite "wow, that's actually REALLY good!" moment. I'm kinda craving cake again just thinking about it...

                  2. I second Fisher's in Ellicott City. Great cake, especially the chocolate.

                    1. I agree with the others about Patisserie Poupon. Their cakes are out of this world. You can taste the quality ingredients they use: butter, cream, eggs. Not crisco whipped with sugar.

                      They are expensive, but 1000% worth it. Everything is hand-baked onsite. My understanding is that they're a Russian family. Every time I have one of their cakes I can't help but feel I'm being transported to the czarist era, when the Russian bourgeoisie was heavily influenced by the French, as was the cooking. They are rich, delectable, and first rate.

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                        I believe they are French. here's a link to an article which says Poupon is from Brittany in France. His accent sure sounds French.

                      2. My cousin had a cannoli cake from Vaccaro's and it was delicious. I'd make sure it wasn't from a case though, and pre-ordered, because it seems like some of the stuff may sit there awhile. A fresh one is great though! And VERY original.

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                          I love Vaccaro's cannoli ( I think it's also known as cassata) cake, too.

                        2. I've been pretty impressed by Wegman's, but if I'm really going to go over the top, I usually head towards a Ms. Deserts outlet for a volcano.

                          1. I just had a fantastic slice of cake this weekend...from Golden West in Hampden.

                            Never thought to try their cake before....but I was very impressed.

                            1. Patisserie Poupon is my favorite. They did our wedding cake and have created many other cakes for us over the years - beautiful and delicious!