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Feb 27, 2007 11:05 AM

Need a kid friendly brunch rec!

Hi! My husband and I will be taking my 18 month old to meet some out of town friends for brunch next Saturday. I want a really great brunch since our friends don't get here very often, but I also need it to be an acceptable place for an active toddler. Any neighborhood will do. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Petite Abeille on 20th & 1st is very child-friendly. Don't know if I'd say it was great, but it's certainly good.

    1. If you go on the earlier side, Penelope's is a good choice. I think starting around 11-ish it gets packed. Other possibilities are NoHo Star, Elephant and Castle, and Cornelia St Cafe. I haven't been to Westville but from what others on the board have described, I think it would also be kid-friendly.

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        thanks, we're planning on going as soon as the place opens, which i believe is usually around 10am. i'm going to look into these.

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          I always see folks with their kids at City Bakery. The food is pretty great generally, especially the pretzel crossaints and the rich hot chocolate (voted best in the city regularly). Not to mention the awesome desserts. It is cafeteria style, and the plates are paper, but they manage to make it somewhat presentable despite this. You can go early, and it's located near Union Square (18th between 5/6)