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Feb 27, 2007 11:02 AM

Moscone conference, Hotel Adagio: where to eat?

I will be in San Fran for a conference March 6-9. The conference is at the Moscone Center, and I'll be staying at Hotel Adagio. Haven't been to either place before, and have only been to San Fran twice (years ago). Looking for great lunch spots within walking distance of Moscone, and dinner spots near Moscone or Hotel Adagio. I probably won't have as much control over my dinner choices but I am hoping I can find some great lunch spots. Most attendees go to whichever spot is closest but I want to eat well if I can! Hole-in-the-wall is fine. I love Thai, Mexican, great sandwiches (for lunch). Dinner, anything goes.

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  1. Pazzia, on 3rd across from the Moscone Center, is great for basic Italian entrees and very good thin crust pizzas and calzones.

    1. The Butler & The Chef Bistro is about three blocks away in South Park. They are known for their Quiche super fluffy along with some mixed greens makes a nice lunch. Tucked away into this little neighborhood.. takes you out of the hustle and bustle of that area. The Croque Monsieur and Crepes, are quite good. The have great truffles and coffee to finish off your meal.

      155A South Park Street
      (between 3rd & 2nd, Bryant & Brannan)

      1. Sounds like you are going to be there for GDC? I may as well add on to this thread since I will be in the same area at the same time. Any good Vietnamese around that area? How far is Moscone from the Ferry building?

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          Tu Lan, 6th St just south of Market

        2. Tu Lan, on 6th St just south of Market, is close to Moscone. Best Vietnamese imperial roll EVER. Tiny hole in the wall -- sit at the counter and watch the guys cook. Henry's Hunan, 924 Sansome, is an absolute must: have the Hunan smoked ham with garlic. Yowza!

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            There's an outpost of Henry's that is way closer, at 110 Natoma (between 2nd & New Montgomery). I much prefer the smoked ham and garlic at Brandy Ho's (217 Columbus), but that's a bit of a trek--as the original Henry's would be. You can also sit at the counter and watch the cooks at Brandy Ho, and it's quite a show.

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              If you go, the wait is usually pretty substantial around throughout the noon and 1 pm hours - they're open 11:30, but sometimes they'll get you seated early if you show up a few minutes before that.

              Cafe Madeline (149 New Montgomery) is right around the corner as well if you want some pretty good pastries and stuff.

          2. Just got back from San Fran (awesome vacation) today and stayed at the W just next to the Moscone.

            Dinner - XYZ in the W hotel. 3rd street at Howard. Despite the reputation of hotel restaurants, this place was great for dinner. CA cuisine, inventive and service was impeccable. Pricey but not out of control ($90 for 2 with glasses, not bottles, of wine) Phenomenal annotated wine list.

            Even better is AME - at the St. Regis hotel. Also on Third St. Also amazing. Asian high end. Wonderful sommelier who assisted us with a large choice of sakes. Great, but pricey, inventive sushi dishes.

            Lunch or dinner, less expensive, but quite good, is the Thirsty Bear. On Howard St?, same street as Moscone a couple of blocks away. A microbrewery with great Spanish/tapas. Strange combo (beer and Spanish) but very good food and small plates fun to share. My pork loin dish with dates and quince was delicious. Husband's calmari was perfectly fried.

            Beard Papa - at the Yerba Buena Gardens. Fun place for delicious cream puffs and desserts.

            Hope you enjoy as much as we did. And, hope you get less rain than we did . . . . the only drawback to a wonderful long weekend. JPB