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Feb 27, 2007 10:46 AM

Any suggestions for Provincetown, MA

I am just planning my summer vaca to P-town.
Have had mixed dining experiences there. Love Edwige, Chesters, Napi's. Have not had a change to check out Patio. Any feedback or other suggestions?

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  1. I think Clem and Ursie's is the quintessential Provincetown experience:

    1. Everyone raves about the Red Inn, but I have only had drinks there. Patio is supposed to be better than it was, and certainly has great outdoor people watching potential. The Muse comes recommended as well.

      1. We have had a house in Ptown for many years so have dined there often. Unfortunately my opinion is that many of the places feel they have a captured market and offer mediocre food and tentative service. A not so fond farewell to Chester's which was way on the bottom of my list ... totally over-rated with unfortunately dispicable service. Almost equal sitting for last is Sal's, who thinks that he's so eccentric that it is OK to treat customers like crap.

        So, as for the the good ... we love the Red Inn and have had many great meals there. My partner and I are divided on the Martin House. I say fair, he says great. Our three year old votes for Bayside Betsy ... Betsy made some special homemade macaroni and cheese just for him. We recently had a a very fabulous anniversary meal at the Crowne Pointe. Our one and only time there, but it was truly a great experience.

        And for lunch, you got to go to Fanizzi's, way on the west end of town. But great service, the best dining room in all of P-town ... sitting right on the water, and wonderful people. We are regulars there.

        We are also regualrs on Bubala's patio, where their seared tuna sandwich makes a great lunch. Plus, you get to watch to world go by down on commercial street.

        And finally we love Ross' Grill, although have found it tought to get into because it's so small. In fact I don't think we got in there all of last season.

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          Provincetown is our annual beach vacation spot and we love Ross's Grill so I will second that one.

          We have also had excellent breakfast and lovely dinners at Devon's on the East End.

          Since we spend most of our two weeks down there on the deck, we do a lot of take-out from Angel Foods.

          1. re: al4134

            Dear al4134 -

            Fun and informative to read your reviews...and to hear different opinions.

            Fanizzi's is one of our favorites also... a must for us on the way into P-Town, even before we check in to where we stay... (Snug Cottage up on Bradford = Excellent). There is parking, a beautiful view, a great bar, the freshest food and terrific people.

            Ross' Grill is up there also for us - it has just about everything a discriminating diner would want. Always on the list for one of our stops.

            Have always wondered about the Red Inn.. haven't been there in years. Have been hearing good things about it. Martin House/Chester ... have always avoided them due to bad reports.
            We have friends who always go to Sal's.... and tell us how wonderful it is. Interesting to hear someone elses' take on it.

            Don't really care for the Mews for food.. but Pingle makes terrific martini's.

            Thanks again!

            1. re: Lilibet

              Yes, Fanizzi's is one of those unfound great places. We just love it there.

              Guess Martin House changes hands a couple of years ago. What I've heard is that it's not been the same since that happenned.

              A dozen years ago I remember having one of Sal's specials ... chicken livers over pasta ... which he only serves on I think Sunday nights. We went back for that and were totally disappointed. Beyond that, the whole service thing was amiss. Granted, it was late in the season ... but frankly if your season is only a ocuple months long, I would think you would want to treat all of your cusotmers decently. Oddly enough, the most rude service was from Sal himself.

              You know, I was going to mention the Mews. We had our commitment ceremony there in 2001 and could not have been more pleased. The food was great, the staff was great and their dining room is very, very nice, particularly during the day when you can look over the beach into the harbor. Can't say we've been there since though. Maybe thats because we've moved from the east end to the west end.

              1. re: al4134

                Hmmm - I have read the post about Sal not owning the restaurant anymore. That is so unfortunate, to have someone ride on a reputation and someone elses' coattails. Thank you for clarification. Our friends who always go there always say how wonderful it is at Sals. They do know someone who works there that is a descendant of a prominent P-Town artist. They collect art, so there you go, it might not have anything to do with the food or the attitude! ;-)

                Yes, we love the Mews, especially in the winter. We schlepped down to P-Town for my birthday in January 2005, right after that huge snow storm. Even Commercial Street was closed in some spots for snow removal. We slogged throught the snow down the hill to the Mews and had a wonderful evening. We spent the whole night there, eating, drinking and talking to the staff. They even offered us a ride back to SCottage at the end of the night. What a kind and thoughtful gesture.
                Now, that's what I call service!

                One thing about Fanizzi's -- we usually stay in P-Town two to three times a year for long weekends in the off season. Every time we go to Fanizzi's, they immediately recognize us.

                Where else in the world can you go where that happens?

                1. re: Lilibet

                  We always have a meal at the Bar at the Mews when we are in town. But, we haven't tried Fanizzi's and will add that to out list. Is that the one way out in the East End, on the water?

          2. We've enjoyed the Red Inn....though have not been since summer of 2005.

            1. I'm a bit hesitant to share this, but the best restaurant in P'town is actually in Truro, just up Route 6A. It's called Terra Luna, and it's the whole package - cozy, welcoming ambiance, local crowd, good wine list and consistently high quality food. They even use herbs and spices from their own garden. Go.