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Feb 27, 2007 10:39 AM


Hi, we're going to Vegas next week and was wondering what you thought were good restaurants to go to (of varying cuisine type, price, etc.). We'd love to go to places unique to Vegas or that are rare/hard to find anywhere else. We're staying on the strip and will probably venture into Downtown one day. Any and all recommendations welcome and appreciated!

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  1. There are so many!

    Best in town (price no object): Joël Robuchon. Arguably one of the best restaurants in the country. Figure $500/person or more, depending on what wine you choose.

    Best at a slightly lower price: Alex. Half the cost of Robuchon, and still a memorable experience.

    Best at yet a lower price: L'Atelier if food is the only criterion; it serves some wonderful dishes. Picasso if atmosphere also counts; eat while viewing original artwork, and the Bellagio fountains to boot.

    Best sushi: Okada.

    Best seafood: Bartolotta. Great fresh fish from the Mediterranean, at breathtaking prices.

    Best breakfast: Bouchon.

    Best pastry shop: Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie.

    For details, see my reviews at .

    1. Don't forget Lotus of Siam . . .

      1. Rosemary's on Sahara
        Andre's in downtown LV.

        Also get frozen custard at Luv It off Oakey. Lotus of Siam is great for thai.

        1. Luv It is NOT frozen custard as most people know it. Legally, it might qualify as "frozen custard" but it's nothing more than good soft serve ice cream because they use the standard soft serve machine to make it.

          It's easily forgettable for a reason and barely above TCBY in quality. Ours came directly out of a softserve machine. Not a custard machine, but a softserve machine.

          "Extremely disappointing" is how I would describe this supposed "custard" stand.

          Sheridan's Frozen Custard is the closest you'll get to REAL frozen custard in southern Nevada. They use the extremely expensive Ross freezers that don't whip air into the mix. It's still not as good as Andy's or Ted Drewe's, but it's close enough to work.

          If you know what frozen custard really is, you'll go somewhere else.

          1. I love Bobby Flay's restaurant, Mesa Grill, at Caesar's Palace.