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Feb 27, 2007 10:32 AM

Friday drinks/dessert: Death and Co, Angel's Share or other?

going to be on 2nd ave around 6th street on friday night around 10 pm, was hoping to finally hit Death and Do, but wasn't sure if it would be a bad time to check it out. so, was thinking maybe Angels Share (haven't been), or maybe something else? i am just looking for a lively but intimate spot for some interesting drinks and maybe a dessert for a date-type evening...

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  1. I lot of people love Angel's Share. I was turned off on both of my visits, though. (I've heard it may have been because we appeared to be under 25, or maybe cause the guys were in t-shirts and jeans? I don't know.) The drinks are very good. I remember asking very politely to be moved because of a draft (we were seated by a window that wouldn't close in January - other booths were available), and the waiter refused to move us or try to close the window. On neither of my visits was I ever asked if I wanted another drink - both times someone had to stop the waiter and ask him to take a new order. My fiance still goes and likes it.... perhaps because are now 27. I haven't been back.

    Atmosphere is nice for a date, though. And it's always fun to bring someone to a place that's kinda hidden like that. Just be prepared to be left alone by your server, and ask for anything you need.

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      i'm not a fan, either. the service has always struck me as pretty condescending.

    2. The best time to experience Angel's Share is when it is very quiet & mellow - later afternoon, early evening - and nothing beats just sitting at the bar watching the cocktails being made (in my opinion of course).

      1. They will take your # down at D & Co. and call you back - at 10pm the wait really shouldn't be that long if there is any and the drinks there are excellent.

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          are any of the desserts worth trying or should we just stick to drinks?

        2. Best try Death & Co. now - just saw the community board is trying to strip their liquor license.

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            seems like it is probably not open friday --- any other good suggestions?