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Feb 27, 2007 10:18 AM

Easy Shrimp Recipes

I'm headed to Puerto Penasco, Mexico for a long weekend of fishing and drinking with the boys. One of the best parts of this town is walking along the port stalls and picking up some right-off-the-boat shrimp. I'd like to cook something up for everyone and am looking for some simple ideas. I don't mind bringing a few ingredients with me, but I don't want to bring my whole pantry. We're renting a house with kitchen (that should have some tools) and a grill. Thanks.

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  1. Can anything be simpler than gambas a la plancha. Take one hot griddle. Take some peeled shrimp, toss in garlic and olive oil, sear on griddle. Garnish with chopped pasley and lemon wedges. Great fresh tapa from the ocean.

    1. As above, simple and grilled is a great call and is really all you need if the shrimp is super fresh (as it should be). If you have time or want to mix it up, try marinating for a while in a simple mixture of tequila (or rum), pineapple juice, sugar, garlic, and chili, maybe a little fish sauce, then grilling.

      1. We get a lot of fresh off the boat shrimp here on the coast of NC, and one of our favorites is lime/rum shrimp. Just salt and pepper the shrimp, toss in a pan with some butter, a quick glug of rum, a squirt of lime juice, and a little lime zest. If it's white rum, I like to use about a teaspoon of brown sugar. Not necessary for a dark rum.

        1. Get some Penzy's Northwood Fire seasoning. Take shrimp, coat liberally with the spice and pan fry or grill till just done. Wash down with a pacifico. Repeat.

          1. Creme Fraiche is readily available everywhere in Mexico, so I would make Cognac Prawns.
            Get 2 dozen large prawns (12 - 16 count), remove the heads and set aside, split the shells along the back and de-vein (leave the shells on for more flavour - this is a finger food so peeling and eating at the table is the intended result).
            Heat a pan on high heat, add some butter, garlic and shallots. Add prawns, S&P and toss around 'till just starting to change colour. Add 1/2 cup good cognac. Flambé.
            When the alcohol has burned off add 1 cup creme fraiche and finish with some parsley.
            Peel 'n eat with lots of finger licking and bread or tortillas for mopping up the sauce.

            The prawn heads should be dusted with Masa Harina seasoned with S&P.
            Deep fry them 'till crispy golden, crack open some cervezas and eat the heads, shell, antennae and all (I learned about this at Sushi Ya and sushi joint in Whistler. They used rice flour but I prefer the flavour of the Masa, these are the best bar/beer snack around.
            Go for it guys, some man food for ya.
            Da Cook