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Feb 27, 2007 10:16 AM

Blue Duck Tavern-Dress Question

I'm going to Blue Duck Tavern on Sunday with my parents...very excited to finally try out this well-reviewed restaurant.

My question is: what is the dress code for this place? Is it jeans? Is it slacks and a button down shirt? Black pants and nice shirt for women? Or is it more upscale attire?


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  1. We recently dined at the Blue Duck on a Saturday afternoon. We dressed up, but everbody else was in jeans. That said, I think it is a nice space that merits more than jeans.

    Food was really good.

    1. I was there for lunch. Would go with the mid-level slacks/dress shirt option. Food is both interesting and good, sometimes a rare combination.

      1. You'd be fine in jeans with a dressier shirt if that is what you feel most comfortable in.

        1. At night, I'd say definitely not a jeans place. It's quite formal -- starkly modern.

          1. Business casual fits the place well.