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Blue Duck Tavern-Dress Question

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I'm going to Blue Duck Tavern on Sunday with my parents...very excited to finally try out this well-reviewed restaurant.

My question is: what is the dress code for this place? Is it jeans? Is it slacks and a button down shirt? Black pants and nice shirt for women? Or is it more upscale attire?


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  1. We recently dined at the Blue Duck on a Saturday afternoon. We dressed up, but everbody else was in jeans. That said, I think it is a nice space that merits more than jeans.

    Food was really good.

    1. I was there for lunch. Would go with the mid-level slacks/dress shirt option. Food is both interesting and good, sometimes a rare combination.

      1. You'd be fine in jeans with a dressier shirt if that is what you feel most comfortable in.

        1. At night, I'd say definitely not a jeans place. It's quite formal -- starkly modern.

          1. Business casual fits the place well.

            1. Anything that is either dressy, businessy, or stylish. Def. not sloppy. You could get away with jeans if they looked really GQ and you had a nice blazer or shirt or something.