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Feb 27, 2007 09:58 AM

Mangiarini on UES

So, I'm intrigued by the menu and I keep walking by but it looks so desolate and miserable inside. Would love to hear what someone who's been has to say about the restaurant overall and the atmosphere.

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  1. I haven't been to Mangiarini in more than 2 years, but it used to be good. I originally learned about it from Chowhound. From what I remember (and my memory is pretty good), it wasn't desolate or miserable, just sort of plain. That never bothered me.

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      when i used to live on 82nd Mangiarini (and Vespa, a block north) were my 2 standby's. The guy who is alwasy working at Mangiarini gives great service and is very attentive and accomodating. and the decor, while sparse, is minimalist and modern and not at all miserable.

      If i can remember correctly, the best dishes were their simple ones-- lemon and basil spaghetti topped w/ grated parmesan, and some kind of a thin crust pizza they always have. I also remember having a really great baked fish there --tilapia?-- with olives and tomatoes.
      they also have an *amazing* banana bread pudding that still haunts my dreams. wouldn't hurt to try it...

    2. I must say I frequent Mangiarini... great, casual spot. The waiters, though they sometimes forget what you ordered and come back to ask, are good dudes who are certainly attentive. The angel hair w/ shrimp and spaghetti with lemon are my two favorites.

      In a part of town with more Italian places than we need, Mangiarini is a local favorite... like the other posters noted, nothing that greatly sets it apart, just a good comfortable spot.

      1. Thanks all. I went to Mangiarini last night and you were right! Great service, good food and very resonable prices. I will definitely go back and recommend it to friends -- especially the banana bread pudding, delicious! Thanks for your help.