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Best portions?

Ok I am not a fan of "art" food, that really expensive dining experience where food is the art and you pay an arm and a leg for a single grain of rice. ok that is a little over done but anyhow i need portions HUGE portions for the money you pay. think cheesecake factory, claim jumper style. what are the best portions in the oc?

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  1. Harbor House in Dana Point will "fill" the bill, (and the flyerfan), and it's open 365/24.

    Harbor House Cafe No 2


    1. If you are not interested in Yuppie food, that overpriced overated food that you need a wheelbarrow of cash to pay for and a magnifying glass to see, you could just go to an all you can eat place such as HomeTowne Buffet.

      1. I find it a rare day when I order Chinese and still find myself wanting... I find that many Chinese restaurants will give you larger portions when you order in, versus ordering out.

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          i think happy family on atlantic serves huge portions.

        2. Not sure if they have one in the OC, but christ! the Saddle Ranch would be worth the drive, if you know what I mean! Seriously, they have a kind of steak called "The Saddle Cut" or something like that. The thing is GINARMOUS! and kinda affordable compared to the all the fancy schmancy type places (Lukques - i'm looking in your direction...:). plus you get tons of sides, corn bread and rolls! FYI, you might want to bring two belts!


          1. im interested in this saddle ranch

            hometown buffet i bite my thumb at!

            ive been to harbor house cafe great food

            yuppie food has its moments in my life. i did it in fact in palm springs on friday night and actually enjoyed it for once.

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              I may get harpooned for this one, but when I think of Home Town Buffet-type places, I think, why not Soup Plantation, instead? At least everything is fresh, and the quality of ingredients is much much better... I have to go in circles with my mom on these two all the time... She can't pass up a bargain, so she's always thinking of HTB, and I have to dissuade her and try to point her in the direction of the better of two options...

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                I like it there too. I love salads and fresh foods, and I like the Souplantation on Lake in Pas, and off Porter Ranch Drive in Porter Ranch. I think good food can be found at chain restaurants and at hole-in-the-walls. The main thing for me is-- is it fresh? Is it real food? Is the service good? Does it taste good? I have only eaten at HTB once. I eat at Souplantation all the time.

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                  Wow - saved from the harpoon... and they are everything you mention above... I've found that the quality is pretty consistant from location to location, but I've only eaten a few of them. I usually eat at their Marina del Rey location, which is always busy, which means alot of turnover...tanks

              2. I'm always gorged walking out of Doughboys. If you're thinking ethnic, the com tam (broken rice) dishes in Vietnamese restaurants are huge.

                1. Well, when I "think cheesecake factory, claim jumper style", I'm inclined to think you may appreciate Bucco di Beppo. They probably have some of those in the OC.

                  1. Huge portions, delicious food, big menu, casual, beautiful decor, excellent service, reasonable prices, adjacent parking lot.

                    The French Quarter, 7985 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Hollywood, 323/656-7898

                    1. In OC, I think Mastro's has huge portions.

                      1. Mastro's? Havent heard of it. Where is it located? As for Bucca its "ok" italian, but your right big portions!

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                          In OC, there's a Mastros in South Coast Plaza just east of Bristol

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                            By the way, I had din at Mastros BH last night, and dinner at Mastro's Costa Mesa on Saturday... I gotta tell ya. The BH location is much, much better. I know it's the same meat. Whatever it is, BH, I think, is a little better. The butter cake is great at both, though.

                        2. I did all you can eat recently at Midori. $25, pretty decent fish, and I walked out stuffed.
                          the key to the best fish is to avoid the rolls and get the sushi

                          1. Seventeeth street cafe on Montana in Santa Monica has very substantial portions. The food is good and you will neve go away hungry.

                            1. Al Gelato... HUGE everything... :)


                              1. sizzler. lol.

                                seriously, most hawaiian joints offer up huge amounts of food for lil moola. bruddah's, rutt's, etc.

                                1. Magianno's pasta portion sizes are insane. Enough for 3 people, I would day. And I eat my share, no doubt.

                                  1. Have you ever been to a Churascaria? Green Fields in Long Beach isn't far from OC.

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                                      the brazilian place eh. never been there but always wanted to try it

                                      its a fixed price right?

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                                        there is also a very affordable churrascaria in torrance called by brazil. the meats are very good (they will cook to order upon request) but their salad bar is so-so. $25, the best priced churrascaria that i have found to date.

                                    2. Yes fixed price, salad bar not so great, not awful, but all the spit-grilled meat you can eat. It's not really cheap but you won't leave hungry.

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                                        Had this type of meal once in Vegas - OMG - if you eat your fill, your stomach will feel like a bowling ball until next Carnaval... if this doesn't satisfy one's carnivorous desires, nothing will...

                                      2. for persian food, shamshiri on westwood blvd, imho offers huge portions for the money.
                                        for ethiopian food, ibex on la brea north of manchester offers big portions.

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                                          I second Shamshiri in Westwood-- love that place-- love it. :)

                                        2. Well, this is sort of a weird topic, how to fress until you beg for mercy. The best way is probably any buffet since they have unlimited portions, but the Indian (India Cook, Clay Oven, etc) & Persian lunchtime buffets are mostly inexpensive, and often quite good and interesting to boot. Chinese buffets unfortunately are usually garbaceaous.

                                          Anyway, personally favor the Persian gourmet lunch Fridays at Ferdussi for around $15, includes an eggplant babaganoushy thing to die for, all kinds of unusual salads that I really get off on, fluffy & tasty flavored rices, beany & spinachy Indian-like stews, & a few hot meat & chicken dishes. And as much raw onion & lavosh as you can handle (skip it).

                                          Sunday buffets at many OC outposts may be much more than you bargained for, especially if you insist on getting your money's worth. Good bets for a splurge are Mama Gina's (limited choices but excellent chow) in the $ 20 range & Hyatt Newporter (great king crab, oysters on half , carved prime & turkey (sometimes lamb too), fab desserts & decent salads) in the $40, nice digs, very reliable and a much better value than the Ritz Carlton IOHO.

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                                            The eggplant thing is either kashke bademjam or borani. Both are delicious Persian eggplant appetizers. Yum. I personally like both better than babaganoush. :)

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                                              Sorry, that's bademjan not bademjam (for Persian eggplant above). Typo. :)

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                                                Whatever, wish I could find a decent packaged version, TJ's & Sabra BG don't do the genre justice. Strangely, Dimitri's in South Philly has great BG but that's a bit of a drive so guess I'll stick with local bademjan for time being.

                                                1. re: bernardo

                                                  I've never seen it packaged. Actually, they may have it frozen-packaged at some local Persian markets, such as Q Market in the Valley. Actually, now that I think of it, Woodland Hills Market, on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills has a deli section where they sell a type of bademjan over the counter. I had it once, and didn't like it, but maybe they've improved it. They have some decent selections (kabob, salad, dips), if you want Persian food, without having to dine-in.

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                                                    bernardo, I thought a little more about your post, and the Persian eggplant and salads that you enjoy may be found at the following markets.

                                                    If you are in LA:
                                                    Woodland Hills Market - (818) 999-4477 - 19964 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills. They have a small deli at the back corner, where they make fresh dips, salads, kabobs-- you name it.

                                                    If you are in OC:
                                                    Wholesome Choice (949) 551-4111 - 18040 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA

                                                    Wholesome Choice is my favorite Persian market of all, and you could probably find almost anything there, including the dips and salads you mentioned at Ferdussi.

                                            2. On the topic of Persian- Shamshiri gives you a really nice portion of rice!

                                              1. The Red Lion Inn in Silverlake on Glendale blvd. has good geman food and good portions.