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Feb 27, 2007 09:49 AM

Calistoga Area Sunday Night dinner recs?

My wife and I will be staying in Calistoga on Sunday, March 18. We're doing the mud/massage thing in the late afternoon and would like to have dinner in town. I've looked at both Brannan's and the Wappo Grill. We've eaten at the Calistoga Inn on a previous trip. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should we lower our expectation because it's a Sunday evening? Is it worth driving down to St. Helena or Rutherford? I expect we'll be pretty bushed after a day of wine tasting and spa treatments (it's tough duty, but someone has to do it!). Thanks!

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  1. Seriously John, the best meal [s] in town are the breakfast at Sarafornia. better luck in St. Helena.

    1. You shouldn't have to lower your expectations because it's a Sunday night, but because
      Calistoga is a little town of 5000 people and the dinner options are rather limited. I live here
      and think currently Wappo Grill is the only place for consistently lovely gourmet food.
      Brannan's has been on occasion, but they lose and gain chefs quite often. I think it's worth
      the trek to St. Helena (12 minutes drive time on Hwy. 29) to dine at Terra or Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen. In my opinion these are the two of the best Napa Valley options, not just nearby options. If you are indeed exhausted after spa treatments and wine tastings, then Wappo Grill
      will fill the bill nicely. Make a reservation just in case. And by the way, why not read all the write-ups that are right here on Chowhound to give you more information? That should be your first step. Just type in Wappo or Calistoga or St. Helena or Terra or Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen as your search term, and a wealth of info awaits. Enjoy yourselves...