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Feb 27, 2007 09:47 AM

Palm Springs essentials?

I'm a Chicago foodie prepping for a much-needed week in the desert and am looking for some great non-chain restaurants to hit. Cheap eats is preferable--would love to find a great burger, omelet, burrito, that kinda thing. Any places in the area (or worth driving to) that I've simply gotta try?

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  1. Burgers - Dale's Lost Highway
    Hamburger Mary's (poor service but good burgers)
    Burritos - El Gallito
    Deli - Manhattan in the Desert

    1. For a dirt cheap taco stand
      Crazy Coyote Taco stand
      13033 Fields Rd. in Cabazon (near the outlet mall)

      1. The kobe burger and fries at Zin are hard to beat. The seafood omelet at Copley's is very good but they only serve brunch on Sunday. Locals hang out at Peabody's and I like the peabody omelet. Philippe's has a great lunch but a little more on the french side. Burritos - El Gallito in Cathederal City or a little place on Ramon & El Cielo in Palm Springs, Taco Asado I think is the name.

        1. We're in Palm Springs soaking up a bit of sun... I used this post to help guide where we might eat. There are SO many restaurants around here...

          We tried to think about what's special about this area... We couldn't come up with anything. So we tried Manhattan in the Desert! It was great: a true Jewish Deli, good service, and you can get a latke (nicely browned, served with applesauce and sour cream as it should be.) as your side with your sandwich. Mr. Chardgirl and I shared a brisket sandwich (yes, the meat is piled high and one half is plenty, even though we had hiked for miles through the desert that day!)

          We managed to leave our kiddos in the dust, but this would also be a good family friendly restaurant.