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Feb 27, 2007 09:32 AM

Dairy-free desserts in chinatown

Any thoughts? I was thinking some type of tofu pudding maybe?

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  1. There are a variety of sweet buns available in bakeries. There are also sweet soups available like red bean soup or the like. Dim sum have things like coconut jello.

    1. Many Chinese either don't like dairy products or are lactose intolerant. Consequently, probably the majority of desserts are dairy free. However the stuff they pour over the mango pudding is condensed milk.

      1. If you're looking for a store that sells tofu pudding or some sort like that, you should try this tofu store on Mott St between Bayard and Pell but closer to Bayard. I'm sorry I don't know the English name but they have all kinds of tofu and dessert there. It's been around for ages and looks like a little hole in the wall. That's the best place for tofu!

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          Yeah that one is good. Get that silken tofu dessert (do fu fa). It's some tofu that has the consistency of jello and is eaten with syrup. They also carry something called a white sugar cake called bak tong go too. (not sure if this has milk in it, be sure to ask) It's kind of like a spongy jello but fairly tasty and cheap. I think they also carry grass jelly too. That's the black jello like thing.

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            I actually did by do fu fa and I think maybe the bak tong go too--i bought something he described as "cupcake," rice flour with sugar, and it was served in a little metal tin. I should see if they have black jello next time. Thanks for the suggestion. Also went to the Thai grocery and got banana sticky rice and some egg yolk based dessert. For future reference, do others agree that the buns generally are dairy-free? How about egg custards and the like?

        2. I was looking up the recipes for buns and egg custards and they have milk in them. You should ask anyway. The Chinese actually make cupcakes, they call it faht go and it is served in muffin papers. I think you're talking about boot jy go. That's rice flour with sugar and served in a little metal tin. The bak tong go is spongy like a cake but it's glutinous and when you cut into it, there are alot of air pockets and it's usually served in a plastic container. They have it in white and yellow color. Good luck!

          1. Isn't mochi dairy free? Traditional, not the ice cream one. I have had this in chinatown.