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Feb 27, 2007 09:16 AM

Cooking Classes in Hanoi

Has anyone taken any good cooking classes in Hanoi? Thanks

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  1. My mom took one at the hotel she was staying at...I forgot where she stayed but i'll ask and report back, but she made the fried imperial rolls and spring rolls for my family and they were great...especially the fish sauce with chives and lime juice to go with them

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      1. There is a page on Hanoi cooking classes on the Savour Asia website-- Go to the Hanoi section, then Itineraries.

        I went to the Hidden Hanoi cooking class a few years ago (I hear they have recently moved locations so email ahead) and really enjoyed it. They give a cultural introduction and the class is very hands on (no pre-chopped ingredients lined up on a tray for you) so you really learn how to make the food.

        1. I'd like to revive this topic and ask again if anyone has had any experience with cooking classes in Hanoi... savourasia is a great link but does anyone have any more first hand experiences? Thx

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            Hi mbe, I was back in Hanoi at the end of 2007 to update content for Savour Asia Hanoi. Hidden Hanoi has indeed moved locations and their information has already been updated on our site. Although the school has grown into a larger location and Ms. An has hired a roster of teachers for the Vietnamese and dance classes, she has kept the cooking classes under her own wing. Lucky us, as her love of Vietnamese food, enthusiasm for cooking, and excellent English are all what make the class so engaging.

            I also visited the Hwy 4 cooking class and while I thought the experience was worthwhile overall because of the great dishes/recipes, the generally fun group and chance to visit a market, the class was pretty disorganized. The fact that the chefs do not speak English (and somewhat rough translation) also resulted in somewhat limited explanations of ingredients, dishes and techniques.

            I have also attended the Sofitel Metropole's cooking class, although not since the Opera Wing renovation, so I'm not sure if their space has changed. Their classes are very professional and appeal to a more upmarket clientele. The market visit is very instructive, being led by the head chef of the Metropole's Vietnamese restaurant, Spices Garden, and the class is followed by a lovely multi-course lunch in the elegant Spices Garden. There are also nice little touches, like someone meeting you with a cold towel if it's a hot day, and a goodie bag at the end with some local ingredients and cooking tool or two. My only beef with the class is that it is mainly demonstration, and the old set up (which may have changed) was quite formal, with the guests sitting in rows behind desks rather than around the cooking area.

            Please don't hesitate to email me through the Talk to Us page on Savour Asia if you have further questions on these cooking classes or any of the content on our Hanoi street food or restaurant recommendations.

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              I was in Hanoi about two weeks ago and attended the cookery class at the Metropole


              It is currently about $75 for the day which includes market tour and lunch in Spices market

              It is incredibly well done and the young woman who runs it is a delight.

              The market tour is informative and the set up, while mainly demonstrative, is fun and, depending on the type of group, quite interactive

              The goodie bag at the end is a nice touch and I would definitely recommend it

              Hope this helps


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                See my photo, Cooking class with Viet Cuisine, Hanoiiiiii

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                Cooking class with Viet Cuisine Restaurant, Hanoi is just wonderful. The market tour was informative. What i cooked: fresh spring rolls, chicken with lemon leaves, fish steamed with tamarind sauce.....i loved the deeping sauce made from fish sauce....So funnnnnn!!!!!!!. Want to see my photos, email me at: :)

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