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Feb 27, 2007 09:11 AM

cooking classes?

looking for suggestions for cooking classes in austin/perhaps even lakeway. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Are you looking for basic "how to cook" classes, or something more specialized?

    1. I think there are at least two types of cooking classes. Those that are primarily observational (and often entertaining) and those that are more about teaching you hands-on cooking skills. I've had more experience with the former. Central market has classes every night, and often times during the day as well. I've been to dozens over the years including three in the past month. I like the mix of subjects which include well known chefs, ood history, classes about one type of food, a type of cooking, and hands-on skills like how to use a knife. I believe central market in central Austin has more classes. I've also enjoyed two classes from Hudson's on the Bend (near Lakeway). The first was in the kitchen and was more intimate and educational. The other was at their house and more entertaining with beautiful views of Lake Travis (it had water in it back then). Whole Foods has a relatively new school and events like the Texas Food and Wine Festival are often good choices for cooking demonstrations. Hopefully someone else can speak to the hands-on variety if that's more where your interest lie. I seem to have taken more of those classes in other cities and countried for some reason. Good luck finding what you are interested in.

      1. I don't have any experience with Gina’s Kitchen on 12th St., but it's a lead...

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          I was stoked when I saw your post, but Gina's isn't offering public cooking classes anytime soon. I guess we have to wait!

        2. The Texas Culinary Institute on north Burnet Rd used to offer some cooking classes. Might look into that. Also the informal classes at UT offer some specialized cooking classes.

          1. Sur La Table is opening in the new Domain area and they have cooking classes ( Austin is not listen yet but I'm sure the Austin location will have culinary classes as well.

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              See today's AAS report on the Domain. According to that article,if my memory serves, the SLT cooking classes will not be a reality anytime real soon.