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Feb 27, 2007 09:06 AM

Coq au Vin in Maryland

Planning pretty far in advance here: I want to take my boyfriend out to dinner for his birthday in March. He's specifically requested Coq au now i just need to find somewhere that will definately have it on the menu (and will do it well). I could make it myself...but we wanted to go out that night. We live in MD near the BWI airport and I'm willing to consider a pretty wide area, but please no DC and no NoVa.

The only place I am aware of at the moment is Les Folie in Annapolis. (has anybody had the coq au vin here? How is it? How's everything else?)

I'm also willing to talk to the restaurant beforehand if they have a changing menu to request that coq au vin be on it if anybody knows of somewhere that would take a request like that.

Budget: This is a special occasion, so I'm willing to splurge a bit, but I'm looking to keep it under $150 max for both of us with one bottle of wine. I'm not rolling in dough, so a splurge for us is anyplace with entrees ovre $20. That being said, $150 is a flexible budget, but flexible like a cotton knit, not silly putty.

Anybody have anything for me?

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  1. You might try calling Cafe De Paris in Columbia to see if they offer it since it isn't listed on the online menu.

    1. The Milton Inn north of Hunt Valley has pretty good coq au vin. It's a sclepp for you, but the place is dark and romantic and it fits your budget.

      1. Petit Louis Bistro on Roland Avenue in the Roland Park neighborhood of Baltimore had excellent Coq au Vin when I ate there two years ago. It is very cozy and reasonably priced.

        1. I'm not positive Tersiguel's in Ellicott City has it, but I imagine that they would - and I am positive they would be happy to prepare it for you if you called ahead to check - It's a great place for a fancy dinner & the service & food is always impecible

          1. Petit Louis had coq au vin as a special last night. PL might not be a good place for a b-day dinner, however, because it is crowded, noisy, and bright. A bistro, altho I remember bistros as dark; maybe it was the Gaulois smoke.