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Feb 27, 2007 07:23 AM

Church food festivals this summer?

Anyone got any favorite church food festivals? I used to go to a lot of them in DC and I'm looking for the best ones up here...especially ones that might happen in summer. Anywhere in Mass is fine. Thoughts?

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  1. The Feast of the Three Saints around Holy rosary church in Lawrence, MA involves a weekend's worth of Italian (mostly Sicilian and some Napolitano, specifically) food and culture over Labor Day weekend. Website here--

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      That is a really nice festival. I've been to a couple of them. It's mostly in and around the Common Street area, which is Lawrence's "Little Italy" (where Napoli, Tripoli, and Bruno's are all located, with Fisichelli's Pastry Shop nearby, too).

    2. Search on "Greek Festival" and you'll find lots of discussion of the various chow offerings there.

      1. Let us not forget the annual fisherman's feast in Gloucester, St. Peter's Feast. More info @ Always a great family weekend. Great food, lot's of Portuguese fare, music, blessing of the fleet, etc,

        1. A CH favorite kick-off Greek fest will be: 6/1-3, St. Athanasius the Great located at Four Appleton Street, corner of Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington, Massachusetts. Spit-roasted bahs & oinks, along with the usual sides, music, dancing - Opa!