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Cupcake Liners / Papers

I am seeking an online company that sells "unique" cupcake papers. I want to have cupcakes for my wedding, but I want the papers to be attractive also. I cannot find any cool patterns, striped ones etc anywhere. Everything is either plain white, silver foil, for kids or a holiday theme.

Any suggestions on where to find some hip cupcake papers?

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  1. Frankly, I think plain white or silver would be most elegant for a wedding..use plain liners and get intersting with the stuff on top of the frosting. You can get shaped sprinkle things at Surfas. You can dust the tops with colors of sanding sugar to match your theme.

    1. Check out bakerstools.com cupcake liners (Ateco brand). I didn't see much at Wilton's website.

      1. Try here:


        they hab=ve some really pretty & elegant ones. Congrats!

        1. You might try Hobby Lobby or a craft store too, as crazy as that sounds. I found some gorgeous ones at Christmas that are green, red, and white paisley.... they had other pretty ones at the time too.

          1. Have you considered decorating the finished cupcake with ribbon and a little flower instead of relying on the paper to do the trick? It's a bit more labour, but would look nicer for presentation - and you could use your wedding colours as well. You don't mention in what design you are interested.

            1. Try
              They seem to have a great selection of cupcake liners.

              1. www.thepeppermillinc.com

                This is a great site and they probably have what you're looking for. They were the only site I was able to find paper cake pans like Giada used on her gift basket show.

                1. Hi Sansei (and everyone else)... The cupcake itself will be decorated with icing flower, I am just seeking a nicer cupcake liner. The attached picture shows the decorating style I like, but you can see that the whole effect is ruined by the see thru cupcake liner. I am having a more rustic "tuscan" wedding (than an elegant one). the brown Panettone liners that I found on both the Beryls and Peppermill sites are great. Rustic but elegant. Thanks everyone! and please feel free to send anymore suggestion like those!!

                  thanks again, I would have never found them!

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                    I like the foil cups because they cupcake peels out perfectly leaving no crumbs clinging to the liner. You could use an outer paper liner with an inner foil liner. If you just use a paper cup, its very messy to eat.

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                      Hi Rhee... so would I bake the cupcakes with both the foil and paper? or slip the cupcake into the paper after baking?

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                        Bake them with both, the foil inside the paper.

                  2. Ok this is absolutely what your are looking for....... We just did an entire tree and table top with the various forms of LASER CUT Cupcake papers.
                    Bake your cupcakes in foil GREASE proof papers then after they have been decorated slip them into the lace papers.

                    Hope this works for you....http://www.fancyflours.com/cgi-bin/fa...

                    the attached picture is black for clarity but there are other colors.

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                        The fancyflours cups were featured on Martha Stewart this week (cupcake week). I believe they are flat and you have to wrap them around the cupcake somehow.

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                          Hi there, I think you may have just saved my wedding nightmare. I am desperate to find black lace cup cake wraps for my evening reception. I couldn't find any on the site but have contacted them so fingers crossed

                        2. i am sure i am way too late, but... first time here
                          check these out - they are FABULOUS...got to this website...

                          1. individual pannetone papers are very pretty for cupcakes, but expect to pay more for these. I got them ordered in to a nearby cookware store. But they're a bit larger, and look more like individual cakes than cupcakes...and lovely to look at !

                            Once i made these cakes for a wedding and could not track down the pannetone papers anywhere.....so i actually baked the cakes in the little white paper "treat cup" things that you can get in wedding supply stores, which baked up to produce a squarer side to the little cake. After, i made little paper rings out of decorative paper that had flecks of gold and silver running through...and then slipped each cake down into one . Obviously had to measure around first one before making. They looked very pretty when done .

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                              oops, meant to include a photo of the cakes made in the pannetone papers.....here's one of my recent efforts....i do'n't have a photo of the ones i did with the white decorative paper.

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                                Original Poster here...thought all would be interested in the final result... attached is a photo of my cupcake tree

                            2. These two places have a good selection.



                              Good Luck, be sure to check out the "Wedding Cupcake" tree at the sugarcraft site.

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                                  These are so beautiful, I might just have to get married again....lol

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                                    That was a great site, the selection was awesome. Thanks

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                                      OP again...Yes, that is where I got my baking cups from.... just FYI

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                                        I see they have changed the link. Here's a new one but look around. They have many other links to unusual cupcake papers:


                                        Look for more on site.

                                      2. Has anyone ever made there own cupcakes for there wedding? I'm not a master baker but would like to do it for myself to save some money.

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                                          I would say it depends on how "fancy" you want them to be... the complex part is usually is about the decorating not in the baking. I had 2 flavors of cupcakes (chocolate and strawberry) with 3 flavors of italian buttercream (mocha, peanut butter and vanilla) and the baker just piped(swirled) on the icing. the Mini Panettone paper cups, the cupcake stand and the fresh flower decorations more than made up for the lack of fancy "Ace of Cakes" decorations... I would say if you can bake a tasty cupcake - you could do it! My original aspirations for my cupcakes were far more fancy and detailed - but when I was quoted $12 a cupcake I toned it down a bit!. So you can definitely save some money doing it on your own! give it a shot!

                                          1. re: tapas gal

                                            Awsome Thanks! I guess I'm just freaked out by the idea of doing anything on my own a few days before! But its not cheap to get them made either. Do you have any links to recipes? How far in advance can you make them?

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                                              Here is a link to "Simply Recipes" and a delicious Red Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting by Garrett McCord. I made these for Valentine's Day and they were both beautiful and delicious. I think they would be lovely for a wedding. http://www.elise.com/recipes/archives...

                                              Also, check out this site for more cupcake recipes. http://vanillagarlic.blogspot.com/ "Click" on the "Cupcake Menu" to find a flavor you like.

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                                            I just used a boxed cake mix for my son's wedding and made the cupcakes 2 days in advance, put them in a box till I was ready to frost. I also made the cake so that is why I use boxed mixes. Had to do the cake 4 days in advance. It was 4 layers and total of 3 ft tall and weighed 100 lbs. So cupcakes are the way to go for weddings as far as I am concerned. Also neat idea would be cheesecake cupcakes with frosting flowers.

                                          3. Where did you get your cupcake stand? It looks really cute!

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                                              I am not sure if you were addressing me or not... however...if you were... I actually rented the stand from the Bakery. I looked online for them and was all ready to purchase one... and then they had one for rent...much easier!

                                            2. These are some GORGEOUS baking cups that I used for cupcakes for a very elegant wedding shower. Scroll down to the Qualita 2oz. Ovenable baking cups. http://www.wesellcoffee.com/page13.html

                                              You can see photos the cupcakes I made with those liners here: http://sarahmasciana.com/2008/01/13/w...

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                                                Those are gorgeous! Thanks! Can you do my wedding in NJ!! I love it!

                                                1. re: jroxybabe19

                                                  I wish! I LOVE doing wedding related things...

                                                  1. re: smasciana

                                                    If you know anyone in Southern NJ let me know! I am having the hardest time finding someone to do cupcakes locally.
                                                    Also, Do you make your cupcakes the day of the wedding? How long can they last unfrosted?

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                                                      I would never do my cupcakes the day of the wedding. If you had to, you could do them well in advance and freeze them. I would definitely ice them the day of the wedding though. Check out www.goldaskitchen.com They have everything.

                                                      1. re: jroxybabe19

                                                        Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in NJ. I'm in Texas (just moved here from southern California). If you're interested, I'd be willing to explore the idea of shipping them overnight to you for your wedding. I'm not sure if that's something you're interested in, just thought I'd throw it out there. If you or someone you know is making them, I would suggest baking them the day before and frosting them either the night before or morning of the wedding. I just made a batch last weekend and it was a couple of days before they started losing their appeal :)

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                                                          You've probably taken care of this by now(probably a happy newlywed!) but just in case, I found this awesome bakery while looking for cupcake stands for one of my clients.check out pinkcakebox.com best of luck

                                                  2. www.beryls.com and www.fancyflours.com has nice assortment, plus they have wonderful cupcake wrappers (not cheap, but gorgeous). I just ordered some for my business -- check out these wrappers -- white sea shells and white filigree patterns. Be sure to get glassine paper that you actually bake in; they will contain the oiliness that can leach out of just plain paper cups. Jen @ dazzleM

                                                      1. Glorias cake decorating in Culver City...

                                                        1. really likes fancyflours.com. loved the stenciled paper cuffs to decorate plain wrappers. and they were cheaper then goldaskitchen on the same wrappers. I am gonna push the stenciled cuffs from now on for weddings.

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                                                            Cost depends where you live! If you are in Canada, fancy flours will be expensive due to border crossing, trust me, I've tried it. Probably likewise if you are in the U.S. and want to buy from Canada. But aren't they great! I love the fancy flours transfer papers, too.

                                                            1. re: sarah galvin

                                                              That is true. I did order lots from Canada when I had my store. In fact, I used to get my Bell Lifestyle products from there and changed to the Michigan branch for my products now. Fancy flours was just in the new May edition of Country Living Magazine with their stenciled paper cuffs.

                                                          2. I know this is a whole year and a half late (I just signed up with this site a few moments ago) but I figured I would pass on a good idea.

                                                            I create my own cupcake wraps (you dont bake in these, you attached to cooled cupcakes) with scrapbook papers, dollies and creative punches or scissors. I have done this for a while now, got the idea online, because I too, was tired of the plain ones or the standard birthday cups offered. And didnt want to pay the fancy prices for the fancy ones being sold...lol.

                                                            Take a plain cupcake paper (that you have cut the center out from) and flatten out. Trace that shape onto the unprinted side of the scrapbook paper. Cut a slit through the paper and then you can wrap this around the cooled cuppie. Attach with a small piece of double sided tape.

                                                            You can do the same with doillies, using only the lacey section of the doilie. Punched and scissors add all kinds of fun elements to the wraps. Maybe someday I'll actually remember to take a photo of the completed product to show you all. Heck, maybe someday i'll see them online for the fancy prices...lol.

                                                            1. At Carolina Cupcakery in Chesapeake Virginia, our standard liners are the dark brown jumbo-sized paper cupcake liners everyone seems to be asking about. They also have the gold and silver as well as gorgeous brown heavy foil liners. fyi I don't recommend the glassine ones, which do not seem to be color stable. If you can use the min. 500 required, they are at www.bakerscups.com. Although they are an Australian supplier, they are MUCH cheaper here, at about 3 cents each -including shipping... and they use Paypal - how awesome is that?

                                                              Dawn Eskins, Carolina Cupcakery

                                                              1. i saw some beautiful laser cut cupcake wrappers at shopbakersnook.com.....good luck :).....atomic mama

                                                                  1. try: novacartusa.com or kingarthurflour.com

                                                                    1. They are spendy-especially if youa re buying a huge amount ..but try Cupcake Wrapture. SO pretty and maybe you can get a bulk discount!
                                                                      Congrats on your nuptuals!

                                                                      1. for the next time you need them, Victorian Trading Co. has the most beautiful paper lace cupcake wraps I have found to date. bgh

                                                                          1. re: amuised

                                                                            Etsy has the best I've seen and far more unique than the big companies. Plus, then you're supporting an individual artist and small business person.