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Feb 27, 2007 07:02 AM

Cupcake Liners / Papers

I am seeking an online company that sells "unique" cupcake papers. I want to have cupcakes for my wedding, but I want the papers to be attractive also. I cannot find any cool patterns, striped ones etc anywhere. Everything is either plain white, silver foil, for kids or a holiday theme.

Any suggestions on where to find some hip cupcake papers?

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  1. Frankly, I think plain white or silver would be most elegant for a wedding..use plain liners and get intersting with the stuff on top of the frosting. You can get shaped sprinkle things at Surfas. You can dust the tops with colors of sanding sugar to match your theme.

    1. Check out cupcake liners (Ateco brand). I didn't see much at Wilton's website.

      1. Try here:

        they hab=ve some really pretty & elegant ones. Congrats!

        1. You might try Hobby Lobby or a craft store too, as crazy as that sounds. I found some gorgeous ones at Christmas that are green, red, and white paisley.... they had other pretty ones at the time too.

          1. Have you considered decorating the finished cupcake with ribbon and a little flower instead of relying on the paper to do the trick? It's a bit more labour, but would look nicer for presentation - and you could use your wedding colours as well. You don't mention in what design you are interested.