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Best Steak tartare in nyc?

I'm a huge fan of steak tartare and am trying to find some new places to try it. I love the tartare at Country (downstairs) served in the mason jar. I also love the one at Employees only, where they mix it tableside. Biblioquet and Le Charlot are also two of my favorites. Also the Modern (bar room).

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

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  1. I quite like the one at Balthazar, and make it at home using their recipe. Also had a decent one at La Goulue the other day.

      1. i agree with you on employees only. it is the only thing i like to eat there.

        for me, best steak tartare hands down is at the bar at keens steakhouse. its just perfect. and the fries with it are excellent. you can order it in the restaurant as well.

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          For steakhouses, Keens is really good. So is BLT Steak. Del Friscos is pretty good as well but not as good as the previous two.

          I hated the steak tartare at Artisanal. The texture was mushy and it was ground to a paste. Also the flavor was way too tangy.

        2. I had the tartare last night at Brasserie LCB, which was fantastic. Very well seasoned and served with endive leaves filles with mix-ins (crumbles egg yolk, capers, onions, etc.), so you can have some control over the flavor.

          1. Les Halles also has a good steak tartare.....they prepare it for you tableside.

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              Thank you. I know there are many with contradictory opinions about Les Halles, but the steak tartare that I had there was exceptional.

            2. Yup, Balthazar's is very good . . . as is Pastis' in the Meatpacking district.

              Surprisingly, Joe Allen's in the theater district is very good also.

                1. Haven't had many of those listed, but I'm a big fan of the tartare at Blue Ribbon.

                  1. My favorite - and I've tried a number of the places named -- is at L'Express, an unlikely place on W. 20th St. The steak is seasoned wonderfully with plenty of mustard, capers, etc., and the fries are delicious. I think it's got more zest than the ones at Pastis and Balthazar - and is cheaper. It's hard for me to order anything else there as I'm so taken with this dish.

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                      I second L'Express. Great flavor and price! i go to the one on park ave. south for it all the time.

                    2. There's a stunning version at L'atelier de Joel Robuchon. The meat is pristine, well-seasoned, and as nicely textured as a plate of toro. We went with a friend who "doesn't eat red meat" and she devoured the entire plate.

                      1. while i generally Cafe Des Artistes has unremarkable food (i only go there for drinks at the tiny bar in the back), i have heard good things about their steak tartare from a serious foodie friend...

                        1. Thanks everyone, I am going to start trying these places this weekend. I will report back!

                          I've actually had the tartare at l'express (surprisingly)...it is really good. And I've always wanted to try the tartare at BLT, but I'm usually there for the full steak dinner (one of my favorite steakhouses) and find it hard to eat tartare and then a full steak (plus all those sides).

                          Oh and if anyone is every in Miami...the tartare at Prime 112 is amazing!

                          Thanks again! Keep the responses coming !!