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Feb 27, 2007 06:33 AM

To Order Flank Steak in London, Ask for ???

Friend from the UK came to visit last fall and we cooked a flank steak on the grill. He's now back home in London asking for flank steak and says the butchers have no idea what he's talking about. They're suggesting bevette; but that's skirt steak, right? What should he be asking for if he wants flank?

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  1. I don't know the answer but keep in mind it might not exsist. Butchers part the animal a very different way in France and the UK ,method is halfway between the US and France. A British chef friend provided us with several unknown cuts that required a lot of research when we shared an animal.

    1. I think just "bavette" is a generic term for thin steak, similar to how what is called a "london broil" in the US could refer to any number of steaks that can be cooked a certain way. You can also have your friend describe where a flank steak comes from, which is by the belly and is also where they get flap meat/steaks from and i know they sell that in Europe

      If they can't find that, a similar type of steak would be a flatiron steak. probably slighly more money and more tender than a flank, it comes from the top blade and should be available in europe, as well.

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        That info is incorrect. Bavette is same as Flank Steak/Flap Meat, cut from the flank below the short loin/sirloin resepectively.