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Itsi Bitsi cupcake shop

Has anyone been to the Itsi Bitsi cupcake shop on Notre Dame (corner of Vinet, I think)? I am a huge Cocoa Locale fan (on Parc avenue), and wonder if this place is at the same level of quality.

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  1. No, but when you go, please report back! I am interested in anything cupcake-related.

    1. I am also a huge fan of Cocoa Locale and I've tried Itsi Bitsi and their cupcakes are nowhere near the same quality. They are decent homemade cupcakes with nice packaging, but not even close to Cocoa Locale.

      1. both are good, but I definitely prefer cocoa locale's

        1. Could you all please describe what makes each place's cupcake "good"? I like my cupcakes dense and cakey and moist with not-too-sweet fresh-tasting icing. Which of these two shops fits this description? And, is either place accessible by metro?

          1. I pass by Itsi Bitsi daily, and was thrilled when I saw a cupcake shop opening in a neighborhood I frequent so often! I've stopped by to look around on several occasions, and even have tried a cupcake or two.
            Unfortunately, I've been disappointed each time. I find their cupcakes are dry, ordinary, and lackluster. The frostings I've tried have each been average at best, always missing a little pazazz.
            As for the store itself, the owners couldn't be nicer. However, if you have the misfortune of arriving when 1 or (gasp!) 2 other customers are browsing, you'll find yourself waiting and waiting for any service, even if all you want is a measly cupcake! This has happened to me several times, two of which I've left empty-handed out of sheer frustration and impatience.
            As for what the store is offering, beside cupcakes, the products are of quality, and the display is nice, but one can't help but notice the random factor in the selections. Organic teas, olive oils, children's toys, greeting cards.... Itsi Bitsi needs to find its niche, and a common theme to tie it all together.
            I wish them well, but I'm going to wait to visit again until things improve.

            ps. I am a huge fan of Cocoa Locale.

            1. I went today and had the choco-coconut cupcake and found it quite nice. Usually cupcakes with icing are too sweet and the icing too greasy. On the contrary, I found this cupcake just right. The coffe is really good too, although the girl behind the counter said it was filter coffee, it's really an allonge, but nicely done. The ambiance in the place is a bit weird, but I would go back. Nice little spot.

              1. I tried itsi-bitsi for the first time today. My S.O. and I had the choco-coco and vanille. The icing on the vanille was *very* sweet and piped on quite thickly, but it was enjoyable in the context of a treat (and if you had a glass of milk to go-with). The coco icing was thinner and not so overwhelming. The vanilla cupcake was pleasantly fluffy and very nice. The chocolate cupcake was not as chocolatey tasting as I was expecting, especially compared to Cocoa Locale's chocolate-chai cupcake. Overall, nice cupcakes and good selection. Better than Petits Gateaux, but not quite as good as Cocoa Locale.

                1. I tried Itsi-Bitsi for the first time today. I read somewhere else on the boards that the choco-gingembre came highly recommended, and was delighted to find that that was the flavour of the day. Although I might be a little biased because the cupcake fell over in its little carrying box in my purse and smeared its icing all over the box, I felt that the cupcake was way too dry and I would've preferred ginger flavouring throughout the cake as opposed to random pieces of ginger in the batter. The icing is a little sweet for my tastes, but it went well with a glass of milk.

                  I had really high expectations because the store smelled so nice and the staff were so sweet, but I doubt I'll be rushing to go back.

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                    I went overboard my first visit this past summer and purchased 1/2 doz of different flavours, and sadly 5/6 were dry. But staff was kind to reimburse me for these 5, when I returned them that same day. The chocolate one was moist and tasty, but admit that Cocoa Locale's are superior. I'd love to make my own. How difficult can that be?

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                      It really isn't that hard. I'm not much of a baker and I make very good cupcakes. It's just cake and icing. It's not like you're making French pastry. It requires almost no skill.

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                        The Cupcake Bakeshop, a fun little blog for cupcake lovers with lots of step by step pictures: http://cupcakeblog.com/

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                          I tried one of their cupcakes last week and found it very poor quality. One could make a better one with a box of Betty Crocker. It was very dried out and crumbly!

                    2. I, too, was disappointed with Itsi Bitsi (maybe because I've become such a Cocoa Locale loyalist since moving to Montreal!). I liked the design of Itsi Bitsi, and the staff was very friendly, but the cupcake of the day (mojito) was almost inedibly dry considering I didn't buy a drink. There was thick lime rind in the cake which was awkward, and - although the consistency of the icing was nice - I found it too much and not sufficiently flavourful. I definitely wouldn't pay for another full-sized cupcake again (they have smaller cupcakes, too, which could change the proportions maybe?).

                      In sum: I tried really hard to like IB, but I'm sticking to Cocoa Locale from here on in!